Spring Wreath DIY

April 12, 2016

We did the annual front yard spruce up a couple a weekends ago. When all was said and done our front door stuck out like a sore thumb. We couldn't have this. I knew I wanted to add a wreath that would compliment our yard, so I thought that some simple greenery with a subtle yellow color would look great. I also wanted something that I could leave up for as long as I wanted and it wouldn't look out of place as the seasons change. I have looked at Target and various craft stores for a ready made wreath but I couldn't find what I wanted that wasn't $60. $60...For a wreath?? You gotta be kidding me! I knew I could DIY one for a fraction of the cost. All I needed was a little imagination.

(I brought all of my materials at Hobby Lobby)
-Grapevine wreath
-2 bushels of a boxwood type leaves
-1 bushel of yellow type leaves (really technical terms here)
-Floral clippers or pliers
-Floral wire (pick something with a low gauge so it is easier to twist)

1. Clean up any twigs that are sticking out from your circle or oval shape of the grapevine wreath.
2. Clip the separate stalks away from the bushel of leaves.
3. (This is how I arranged my wreath but feel free to do it however it makes sense to you) I started by placing a piece of a boxwood stalk in the middle of the side of the wreath and securing it with some of the floral wire. I then placed one of the yellow leaf stalks on the outer side of the grapevine wreath and secured it with floral wire. You guessed it you will then place a boxwood stalk on the inner side of the grapevine wreath and secure that with wire.
4. To keep the yellow leaf stalks looking random I would rotate the placement of them around the wreath. Like I listed above since I started with the yellow leaf stalk on the outer side of the grapevine leaf the next stage I would place the yellow leaf stalk in the middle and a boxwood stalk flanking either side. For the next phase I would place the yellow leaf stalk on the inner part of the grapevine wreath with two boxwood stalks beside it.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have circled the wreath.
6. Use access stalks to fill in the gaps to make the wreath look full and fluffy.
7. Hang your wreath and enjoy!

I was able to make my wreath with some stalks to spare for $20! Keep in mind to wait for your craft store to discount their floral department before you buy. I believe at Hobby Lobby it is every other week and use your weekly discount coupon for your grapevine wreath. You could even keep it up year round and it will look great saving you even more $ to spend on those cheeseburger vans you have been eyeing...oh...maybe that's only me ;)!

Mud Cloth DIY

April 5, 2016

I am a huge supporter of the ethnic fabrics that are all over the place in interior design right now. I am however not a huge supporter of the cost of said ethnic fabrics. I knew that with a little time and a white paint pen that I could come pretty close to the real deal.

-Black cotton fabric (I think I used a yard per pillow since I believe the size of these pillows are 26x26)
-White paint pen (I ended up using 2 and bought mine at Joanns)
-White or cream cotton fabric for the back (I used a yard per pillow)
-Inspiration photos for patterns
-These items are necessary but I used them to help keep my lines straight:
   -Fabric cutting mat
   -Fabric cutting ruler

1. Measure your pillow and cut out your fabric accordingly.
2. Find some inspiration pictures of patterns you like on Pinterest.
3. Lay your fabric on your fabric cutting mat.
4. Determine if you would rather go with a more free hand pattern or a structured pattern. (I went with a structured pattern. The right side of my brain demanded it).
5. I decided to create my own pattern and to keep it within a structured pattern. Each stripe that I did varied in widths from 1inch to roughly 2 inches. The spacing I used to in between each stripe was a .5 inch to keep the pattern uniform.
6. This is where the clear fabric cutting ruler comes in handy. Back to the right brain comment that I mentioned earlier, I had to have the lines straight. For goodness sakes do not be like me! Please free hand the pattern. It will save you a lot of time!
7. Next up is the paint pen part. Either free hand your pattern or use a ruler to create your pattern. You can't go wrong! Just have fun with it.
8. Once you have your pattern complete on your pillow top you are going to want to iron it to prep it for attaching the back.
9. I used an envelope enclosure. Here is an easy tutorial to create an envelope enclosure for a pillow.
10. Insert your pillow and throw it on the couch!

Easter Tablescape

March 25, 2016

In all of my almost 31 years on this earth I have never hosted an Easter party. This year is the year friends, and can I just say that I am really excited! The menu is planned and the Easter egg hunt is a go. The last thing I had to do was to put together a tablescape. Which was not hard to do. Have you seen the Easter section at Target? It deserves all of the heart eye emojis and is where I found all of the paper goods for the tablescape. Easy peasy target squeezey...yeah that was a bit of stretch ;)!

Paper goods: Target
Easter eggs (plastic and glitter), grass, doilies, and craft paper: Dollar Tree
Milk glass vases: Thrift store


Easter Egg Pancakes

March 22, 2016

These pancakes just make me so happy...Well all pancakes just make me so happy! It's pretty much like eating dessert for breakfast but socially acceptable. Win/win! However, these pancakes bring in the elements of: color, shape, and festivity. That's what I like to call a win/win/win my friends!

-Pancake batter (pick your family's favorite)
-Gel food coloring
-Griddle or fry pan
-Butter to grease
-5 Squirt bottles (I picked mine up at Family Dollar)
-Knife (Sometimes the batter would spread out from under the egg shape so I used I knife to cut the pancake back into an egg shape)

1. Separate your pancake batter evenly amongst your squirt bottles.
2. Add gel food color to the squirt bottles. Place the cap on top and shake. Keep adding food coloring until you have reached your desired color for each bottle.
3. Turn your griddle up to 350 degrees or your frying pan to medium heat.
4. Grease your griddle.
5. Take a squirt bottle and squeeze out some batter in the shape of an egg. Fill in the shape and add a contrasting color as a design to the top (you will only have a design on one side).
6. Cook the pancake until bubbles form on the surface then flip.
7. Cook the other side of the pancake just until it is set.
8. If the batter runs out of the "egg" shape you created feel free to trim off the access.
9. Repeat until you have a whole "basketful" of "eggs!"
10. Eat and ENJOY!

Watercolor Easter Eggs

March 18, 2016

This tutorial is a crazy one that went wonderfully wrong. I started out wanting to make these beautiful marbeled Easter eggs. I followed all of the steps and when I went to rinse the eggs off...there was no marbling. Not even a hint of marbling. After I got over the initial, "these aren't absolutely perfect" shock I decided to just rename them and roll with it. Here we are! Just turning lemons into lemonade since 1985!

-Hard boiled eggs
-Gel food coloring
-Cool Whip
-Paper plates
-Paper Towels

(Again I need to preface that I totally messed these up so if you follow this tutorial you may very well just end up with beautifully marbled eggs!)
1. Add 2-3 T of vinegar to the eggs turning them to make sure they are coated.
2. Scoop some of the Cool Whip into the container. About 2-3 inches in the bowl.
3. Add about 10 drops of the gel food coloring to the Cool Whip. Add as many colors as you would like 10 drops at a time.
4. Use your spoon to swirl the colors into the Cool Whip.
5. Gently place the egg into the Cool Whip and rotate it gently until it is generously coated.
6. Place the egg onto a paper plate and set it aside.
7. Add a few more drops of gel food coloring to the Cool Whip and swirl.
8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have colored all of your eggs.
9. Put the eggs in the fridge and let them sit with the excess Cool Whip on them for 8-12 hours.
10. After letting the eggs sit for the allotted amount of time rub the excess Cool Whip off with a paper towel, Make sure that you do not use too much pressure or rub too hard.
11. That's it! Just display, eat, and enjoy your beautiful eggs!

Shades of Blue Easter Eggs

March 16, 2016

Blue is my favorite color to use during the holidays. Blue Christmas lights make me weak in the knees. If only I could convince my husband of the magical power the color blue has on the holidays. As you can see where I am going with this it was only natural for me to make a blog post about blue Easter eggs!

-1 dozen of eggs
-2 bottles of blue food coloring
-white vinegar
-6 12 oz minimum cups
-6 spoons

1. Hard boil your eggs.
2. Set out your six cups. You might want to label them to keep things straight.
3. Add one cup of boiling water to each glass.
4. Add 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar to each glass.
5. Add 2 drops of dye to the first glass and mix.
6. Add 6 drops of dye to the second glass and mix.
7. Add 10 drops of dye to the third glass and mix.
8. Add 20 drops of dye to the fourth glass and mix.
9. Add 45 drops of dye to the fifth glass and mix.
10. Add 60 drops of dye to the sixth glass and mix.
11. Submerge an egg into each glass and let the eggs sit for 5 minutes or until the desired color has been reached.
12. Replace the eggs into the egg carton to let the eggs dry.
13. Display, eat, and ENJOY!

Mud Cloth Easter Eggs

March 15, 2016

It's Easter egg week on the blog! First up for today is mud cloth easter eggs. African mud cloth home decor is such a huge trend right now. Why not translate it into easter eggs?! The best part is that this DIY could not be any easier. I would have my 18 month old do it...but then again there are permanent markers involved and I like my stuff ;).

-Hardboiled eggs
-Inspiration pictures

1. Find some inspiration pics on Pinterest or from some of your favorite home decor Instagrams
2. Either copy some of the patterns from your inspiration pictures right onto your eggs using your sharpie or just free hand a pattern. You really can't go wrong with this DIY.

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