Over the Sink Decor

January 21, 2010

I have be trying to spruce up my over the sink blank spot/wall for weeks now! I finally found success with this cheap, easy, and personalized project that came straight from...ME ;).

First off what you need are the following:

*Wooden Rectangles: 1-2 packs depending on how long your name is.

*NOTE: You could use wooden blocks for this instead of the rectangles, I didn't because the vinyl I had was too large for the smaller blocks and I didn't want to pay $0.99 per block for the large.*

{I of course needed two packs which turned out good since I goofed on the first couple. I found mine at Hobby Lobby back by the unfinished wood for around $1.75 a pack, to save additional money I used a coupon for 30% off unfinished wood items, this was their weekly discount in their ad that week, also it didn't have a limit so I received the discount on all the wood items I purchased. You can sign up to receive coupons in your email on their website.}

*Wooden Dowel Covers or Wooden Circles: I used the half circles for this but the full circles would work as well.

*Scrapbook paper that goes with your decor

{I also picked this up at Hobby Lobby watch for when they run the single sheets for the small 5/$1, and the large $3/$1. I usually stock up on all my favorites when they run this. This past week I did notice in the Michaels ad 5/$1 for all scrapbook paper priced regularly at $0.59!}

*Distressing Ink Pad in Walnut

{Another Hobby Lobby purchase, I used a 40% off coupon on this item (another weekly coupon from their ad) since full price was somewhere around $5.00, I ended up paying around $3.00 for mine. You can find this back by the stamp section.}

*Vinyl Letters

{I go to Just a Thought in Bountiful, UT for my vinyl, the letters I used we on clearance and you received an additional 60% off all clearance which made each letter mere pennies! Also I received an ad in the mail that Just a Thought is doing this sale again so take advantage ladies!}

Hot Glue: My BFF ;)

{Remember this includes items that you can get multiple uses out of like the distressing ink, also I did use coupons like I mentioned so if you decide not to the pricing results may vary.}

Directions: This is pretty self explanatory

1. I used my paper cutter to get the dimensions of the wood rectangles then cut the paper to fit. If you don't have a paper cutter just measure or glue on the rectangles directly to the paper and cut out.

2. Hot glue the paper to the front of the rectangle.

3. Use distressing ink to give that aged effect. I used mine on the bare edges as well, if you don't like this look by all means paint the rectangles first then use the distressing ink. How I use the ink is by running the edges at a 45* angle along the ink pad and dabbed the remaining with a paper towel.

4. Add your vinyl

5. If you have the dowel covers then stack one on top of the other creating a circle, hot glue them together. Like this:

6. Hot glue the dowel cover ovals on the back side of the rectangle on the bottom in the center. Like this:

7. Set up and enjoy!

Here is how mine turned out!

{I love berry branches! I got mine from Michaels after Christmas for 80% off, also the vase is from the DI for $0.50.}

{This is from the vinyl store as well and was a part of the clearance sale mentioned.}

{I love this vintage floral print I found at the DI for $1.50, it goes perfectly with the color scheme in my kitchen!}

Hope you like this one it was a lot of fun! Let me know what you think! Love love.


  1. soooo cute!! i love the letters you did. they look really darling the way you have them set up. if i get brave, i'm gonna attempt to make some :)

  2. hi dearest. i would be happy to advertise your blog on my sidebar if you please! send me a square image if you want me to.

  3. soooo cute!! i love the letters you did. they look really darling the way you have them set up. if i get brave, i'm gonna attempt to make some :)


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