Warm Gifts For Two Lovely Ladies

January 23, 2010

I had a wonderful lunch out with my ladies today for two of their birthdays. I had been contemplating what to get them/make them for weeks now when it dawned on me...Scarves! I know that you are dying to see them so I will explain how to make these cuties after wards.

Justify Full{Aren't you impressed by my photography in this post ;) much better wouldn't you say ;)}

What you will need to make these cute scarves is:

*1 set of Knifty Knitters round looms- I used the red loom for this project.

{I would like to say that I purchased this set at a screaming deal but I didn't. I was going to use a Roberts 50% off coupon that is in their weekly ad but when I went to the store even the 50% off it was cheaper to buy them at Wal-Mart. I believe I paid $12.00 for mine, they come in a set of 4 with a hook and easy to follow instructions. This may seem like a lot but I have used these so much, they have many different functions other than just making hats.}

*1 skein/roll of yarn- I used a boucle yarn for this, boucle just means that the yarn looks like an S or Z shape around a thread. If you don't care for this yarn just make sure that it is thick and soft and cozy.

{I purchased my yarn at Michaels, I used a Roberts 50% off any regular price item coupon (Michaels honors Roberts coupons and vice versa) on both of these skeins of yarn, which ended up making each skein around $3.50.}

*1 pack of 4 large metal snaps.

{I purchased mine and good ol' Wal-Mart for around $2.50 for the pack, you can find these in the fabric section by the sewing machines.}

*1 pack of yarn needles.

{I found mine at Wal-Mart but really you can find these at any craft supply store, they should be by the yarn and the crochet hooks. They have a wider eye and a dull point to make it easier to thread and sew with yarn. I have to be honest I can't totally remember the cost of these but I don't think they can be more than $3.00 for a pack.}


1. Cast on to the red loom using the directions included.

2. Keep knitting until you believe it is a sufficient enough length to wrap around the neck and snap across the chest.

3. Remove the knitted tube from the loom using the instructions included in your kit for casting off the loom to create a flat top.

4. Make a single crochet around the edges of both ends of each tube to create a finished look. {Don't worry I will put a link at the end of this blog that will give you a step by step video tutorial}.

5. Sew the ends together making the tube lay flat, also I think there is another tutorial in your instruction guide that comes with your loom kit so you can get a better visual.

6. Crochet the flower. Instructions for this can be found HERE. There should be a link on the blog as well for a video tutorial its called the slinky flower.

7. Sew the snaps on to the scarf with some leftover yarn using your yarn needle, so that the right is on top as pictured above. Sew them so they are across from each other, this will help to create more stability and hang nicely.

8. Sew the flower on to the scarf, covering the places where you had previously sewn the snaps on.

9. Wear it with style ladies!

For step by step instructions on how to crochet visit www.crochet-mania.blogspot.com. I love her blog it is so helpful! Let me know what you think and if you have questions or comments on the instructions or where to get things feel free to email me, me email is on the sidebar. Also I didn't want to include the final price on the cost of each scarf since they were gifts and that'd be tacky ;). Thanks for stopping by! Love love.


  1. these are so cute!! morgan, you are so talented. i love love love the colors you chose for the scarves. darling!!

  2. Those are super cute Morg! I will have to give it a try when my life gets a little more under control.

  3. wow those look awesome! You are so talented

  4. These are very cute! Thank you for the directions. (And the photos are bright, clear and lovely).

  5. They are cute! And snuggly, and thanks a ton!

  6. Wow you are pretty amazing!!

  7. Very pretty and professionally made scarves. Great colors!

  8. lovely scarfes!


  9. these are so cute!! morgan, you are so talented. i love love love the colors you chose for the scarves. darling!!


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