Paper Bouquet

February 25, 2010

I love this alternative to fake flowers, so I decided to come up with my own little twist to share with you! First off a pic of the finished product which I think turned out so so great!


What you will need for these pretty paper daisies is:

#1: 2 Different Sets Of Flower Cutouts

{Make sure to use fun colors so they really stand out! I used my mom's Cricut machine to cut my flowers out, if you don't have a Cricut....find someone who does and become their best friend, they seriously are so much fun and such a time saver! Or you can just use an outline image found on the internet and trace and cut, which will work just great too.}

{I used my mom's paper so it cost $0.00! I have to share my new fave store for scrapbook supplies, its called the Scrapbook Outlet its in Bountiful, UT. Don't do a google search for it you won't find the right location, I discovered this after being led to Bountiful's Nutrional Store ;). Its in a strip mall where the Weight Watchers is located South of the 5th South and 5th West intersection. Right now they have 12x12 paper 10 for $1.00!! Stock up ladies I went today and bought $4.50 worth! Also if you don't live near there, look in Michaels and Roberts weekly ads for discounts on paper and stock up.}

#2: Floral Tape In Light Green

{This can be found at any craft supply store that sells artificial flowers and plants. I found mine at Roberts where I used a 40% off coupon and purchased it for $0.50!}

#3: Exact-O-Knife

{I had this on hand at my house but you can really find these anywhere.}

#4: Paper Fasteners

{These can be found at any craft store, or office supplier. I purchased mine at Roberts using a 40% off coupon so they ended up being $0.75!}

#5: Cloth Covered Wire

{This can also be found at any craft store that sells artificial flowers, I bought 2 bags make sure to buy a thick gage though mine i believe was a 22, you need to make sure its think so the flowers will stand up right, if not you can do what I did and just fold them in half. I also bought these at Roberts using a 40% off coupon so each bag ended up being $0.50!}

#6: 1 Large Diet Beverage, and a Bag of Sun Chips.....of course this optional ;)


1. First you want to pick cutouts that look good to you.

2. Stack them on top of each other and make a slit through the stack with your exact-o-knife so it is ease to slip your paper fastener through.

3. Insert paper fastener in the slit previously made in step 2.

4. Insert floral wire in between the two spokes of the paper fastener, remember I folded mine in half then inserted to create stability.

{Promise my hands aren't this gi-norm in real life ;)}

5. Begin wrapping your floral tape around the paper fastener and the floral wire to secure.

6. Continue wrapping the floral tape down the floral wire, remember to pull on a diagonal and turn the wire in a circular motion to secure. Once you hit the end just rip or cut off the excess.

7. Arrange finished flowers and enjoy!

{I put mine in some metal vases I found at the D-I for around $1.00 or a $1.50 each! Also to get mine to stand up better I used a styrofoam floral brick I had left over from a previous project that I picked up from the dollar store.}

Hope you all love this much as much as I do, I think it is my new favorite project I've done! Let me know what you think! Love love.


  1. oh, i absolutely love this! the flowers and the pot goes so well together, just beautiful. and it's so very cheery, definitely a good change for fake flowers. i'm gonna try it when my holidays swing by.

    thanks for the lovely inspiration! love it. will be sure to check in often now. ;) xx

  2. oh so cute and creative!! i love the metal vases as well. yellow is so happy :) love this idea, morgan!!

  3. What a cute blog! I love it, I will have to try this idea since I already own a Cricut! Thanks for sharing your cute stuff!

  4. Cute Blog! I'm a new follower : )

    please check out my blog too when you get a chance.

  5. I love that yellow vase you put them in! Great find girl. Oh and I clicked on that image just so I could have a better glimpse of your picture. You are beautiful my dear! To answer your questions:

    Sadly, I don't own those turquoise flats. I found them on flickr and was just dreaming about having them.

    I think I DID get those shoes at Centerville DI. So weird that you were there around the same time! Why didn't you snatch them up? :)

  6. hey! Just wanted to let you know I made these flowers and they turned out super cute! I posted a pic on my fb. Thanks again for sharing!

  7. oh so cute and creative!! i love the metal vases as well. yellow is so happy :) love this idea, morgan!!


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