The Mother Load

May 20, 2010

I just had to show you guys all the fun stuff that I got the other day I mentioned it HERE.
My mom and I have been watching a certain Roberts that was going out of business in Salt Lake City, UT. Last week the whole store was priced at 75% off which is a screaming deal but being the bargain hunters that we are we knew that they would go 90%! So my mom called them early Monday morning and they said yep we are going 90%, the whole store was 90% OFF!!! We went crazy!

Here is the stuff that I got!!

{Fun florals the daisies are actually plastic, I thought they were a modern twist to the fabric ones!}

{Jars and vases, the white one is actually covered in lace! I thought it was funky!}

{Candle warmers I can never have too many because I always find a way of breaking them! The one on the right retailed for $50! Which made it $5 for me!!}

{These are magnetic boards the large one is going in my kitchen and I am thinking it could use a coat of mustard yellow paint! The small on is staying in our TV room and I have a few things in mind for it!}

{A thick frame, magnetic calendar, and a mirror which will also probably get a coat of paint as soon as I decide where she is going! Oh ps the mirror was $5!!}

{Funky fun fruit, half went in my kitchen the other half is in a bowl in my TV room.}

{Tall wreath hanger which actually has the small magnetic board on it right now in my TV room, and the coolest frame easel display thingy!}

{Couldn't pass up this funky modern vinyl, and its huge!!}

{Another modern vinyl set, this will be going either in our TV room or kitchen.}

{A cuckoo clock vinyl which has to go in my kitchen somewhere!}

{This is probably my favorite piece I got from the sale, its bright and fun and perfect for my kitchen. It retailed for $169.99, which means I got it for $16.99, plus its HUGE!}

{I am not a big scrapbooker so I got these for the fun papers and embellishments that the kit came with, I sure can find something to do with them!}

My final cost was $83.00 and some change. Can you believe that for all this stuff!!!! I pretty much just re-decorated my whole main level in our town house apartment!

Do you want to score some deals like these?

Here are some tips:

1. Be Patient: If you see something that you like in a store it will more than likely be reduced in price, it is a gamble but it could pay off and save you a ton of money!

2. Be Aware: Get to know what sales are going on each week at your favorite stores. I subscribe to the local newspaper to receive weekly ads, also check out blogs that post great deals, I love Hip 2 Save and Utah Deal Diva.

3. Be Consistent: Be sure to check back regularly on the items that you are watching to be clearanced out. The early bird snags the worm with those tips of deals!

This week is the last week that the Roberts I mentioned will be open! So hurry over!

The address is:

1172 Brickyard Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT

Go check it out, it seriously was a blast!! Hope you all find great deals and have a super day!! Love, loves.


  1. those magnetic boards are TOO cute! I want some now, too bad we don't have that store here in Texas! Can't wait to see what you'll create with all of your fun finds:)

  2. I live right by this store! I went like a month ago when everything was 50% off...I guess I need to go again!

  3. i wish i lived closer (south west end of the valley is where i am). thankfully my roberts on 10600s is still here. i hate to loose craft stores. but i do like their sales!
    great job!

  4. Holy cow! I go to that Roberts all the time! I had no idea. I love the cuckoo clock and the vintage style painting! Atta girl!

  5. You hit the jackpot girl - I think I like the mirror best...but those vinyls look fun...

  6. OHHH myyy goshhhh!! I cant take it, I want alll of that! :) I LOVE DEALSS! Man I love those vinyl stuff. You are making me super jealous right now. Will you take pictures after you put all that stuff away and decorated??

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  9. Great buys!! I miss Roberts Crafts.. We moved from Utah to Michigan. Now we are going back... Roberts is first on my lists of things to do...

    visiting from NFF @ the girl creative... :O)

  10. You found some amazing stuff!!!!

  11. I love those vinyl things - make sure and let us know what you'll be doing with those! I'm jealous! It's raining here, so I doubt I'll be doing much garage saleing today (but I might try anyways). I just wanted to give you a heads up - that I talked about you on my blog!


  12. Cool. I love a good deal! I love so many pf the things you bought as well.

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  14. Hey! Visiting and following from New Friend Friday!

    GREAT finds! I hope that you enjoy redecorating!

    Have an awesome Friday!

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  16. Wow! what a deal! I would have went
    crazy too! Btw I grabbed your button
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    grab mine here:

  17. new follower! love the vinyl!

  18. Oh too much fun!!!! :) a titch bit jealous over here... :)

  19. Awesome finds! Lucky girl!! I'm jealous.
    Found you via New Friday Friday. I'm following you now. :)
    Happy late anniversary!

  20. You go girl! Great buys and oh I envy you! Love that mirror and $5.00. Shows how absolutely creative us women can be! Do great things with your new finds then do a post I can't wait!

  21. Hello there! Just stopped by to check out the blog. Found you through the Follow Me Friday blog hop. Come check out my blog if you get the chance! Have a great weekend!


  22. newest follower from friday follows have a great weekend.


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