The Meet Virginia Summer Tour

June 22, 2010

So there will be something really fun going on each Wednesday during the summer here at Meet Virginia!

Its called....

Here is the jist I will be 'traveling' around the blogosphere sharing my awesomeness and other great bloggers will be stopping here to share their awesomeness with you!

Totally fun right!

Here are the lovely ladies that you will see and when you will see them on the tour!

Ana@Get Craftin': June 23rd
Jessica@A Few Of My Favorite Things: June 30th
Mandy@ Mint & Clandy Create: July 7th
Jamie@C.R.A.F.T.: July 14th
Julie@Singing Three Little Birds: July 21st
Meg@Brassy Apple: July 28th

Laura@Along For The Ride: August 4th

Stop by and check them out, their blogs are totally great! Thanks again ladies for participating! It will be super fun I am so excited!! Hope you are all having a great day! Love, love.

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