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June 9, 2010

I am now accepting sponsors for 2011. If you are a designer, clothing or interior design boutique owner, maker of anything pretty much, EMAIL ME for going rates and current statistics at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com. Spots are filling up so hurry fast mmmk!
Meet Virginia offers the latest and greatest in: Fashion Trends, Home Decor, Do-It-Yourself Tutorials, Interior Design, How To Stretch A Buck, and Crafting.
I Love my readers and want to make sure that I share things with them that can inspire them, benefit them in whatever way is pleasing, and offer them products and businesses that I think will be of value to them in their lives.

Right now we are offering the following Advertising Options:
Sponsor Sidebar Ads:  
These can be found on the right hand sidebar of MVD. Pricing is subject to size of ad, and how long ad will run. Email me for pricing.
Right now giveaways are only offered with sponsorships. If you are a current sponsor and would like to do a giveaway, well go ahead an email me and we can for sure set that up at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com
Promos or Discounts:
With being a sponsor of Meet Virginia Design you have the opportunity to offer readers' promos and discounts. These will either be announced in your giveaway post, or review post, and will be featured on the left sidebar.
I would be happy to wear or use one or more of your items on my site. You do not need to be a sponsor to choose this option.
One Post Features:
This will get you on post written by me about your business in my own silly and super fun words. This feature is only offered to sponsors.
For Blog Statistics, Detailed Advertising Options, and Additional Pricing
please contact me at:
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hope you are having a great day! Love, love.


  1. just wanted to let you know i left you a blog award on my blog

  2. Hi, new reader here from SWEDEN.
    Have a great weekend
    Dufvans antique & design Shabby chic in SWEDEN

  3. I'm you're newest follower! Your blog is the cutest thing in lyphe! :-) :-) :-)

  4. Hi, new reader here from SWEDEN.
    Have a great weekend
    Dufvans antique & design Shabby chic in SWEDEN


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