The Meet Virginia Summer Tour Stop #6: Megan From The Brassy Apple

July 28, 2010

Hey Friends! Oh my goodness gracious! Guess who we have posting for us today.....

Megan from Brassy Apple

She is so friggin amazing I can't even describe it...Can I please just BE you Megan? Our names are super similar ;).

Without further ado....

Here she is:

Hello hello! It's Megan from Brassy Apple. I'm excited to be here! Isn't Morgan FABULOUS? I'm giddy to be sharing the same space with her today - *snicker*

I am a pattern designer and passionate DIY-er. I love to share my tutorials, photography and ideas on my blog with YOU! and of course some of the business up front, personal and behind the scenes too!... Just carving out my own path one day at a time......

My newest pattern is perfect for the upcoming fall season (I know! some of you don't want to start thinking about fall!). Layer on the lovely all year round with 10 different scarf designs!

Besides fashion, just like Morgan I love to create unique home decor pieces.

Today I am going to share an easy, fun way to add personality with some art!

Supplies: Canvas (found mine at Hobby Lobby in a 2 pack for $7.99)


contact paper

spray paint

staple gun

printer and exacto knife

or a circut machine

Step 1: Cover your canvas in the fabric you selected and secure it with a staple gun on the backside of the wood frame.

Step 2: Using contact paper cut out the letters of your saying on a circut machine. If you don't have a circut machine, you can simply print off your saying in whatever font and size desired. Then place your contact over the top and of the paper, trace and cut out with an exacto knife.

Position the letters on the canvas. When you have them where you'd like them to be, peel off the paper backing and stick the letters to the fabric.

Step 3: When all the letters have been placed, spray a thick layer of spray paint over the entire canvas. Let dry. If needed, apply another coat.

Step 4: When it is dry, peel the letters off. The color and pattern of the fabric underneath the paint will POP through creating a GREAT contrast!

Hang it on your wall and enjoy!

another design option:

Instead of covering the canvas with fabric, just place your letters onto the canvas, spray and peel. The black and white combination is always a classic.

Have fun creating something new!

Megan! Thank you so much for participating in Meet Virginia's Summer Tour, and for the totally awesome tutorial! Totally using this technique!!

Friends you HAVE got to hop over and check out her blog....(as if you haven't already its so so good)!! Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a great day! Love, love.


  1. She's the cutest! LOVE the tutorial!!

  2. I love these!! I have just the place for it! Would be a fabulous idea for a super saturday! Thanks for the inspiration! i will definately be adding to my to do list!!


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