Weekend Wear's First Party!!

August 11, 2010

Hey Guys!!

So it's Meet Virginia's first Weekend Wear Party!! Now I don't have an outfit for this week since I was at the lake, and really no one wants to see me in a swimsuit right!

First let me give you some background, I started Weekend Wear because I work from home during the week, hence what is the point of getting ready?? So on the weekends is when I get all dolled and wanted to share/brag about my awesome outfits ;) while also giving great tips!

Feel free to link up whatever outfits you have whether they be past or present!!

I hate to do this but here are the little rules:

~Add a permalink to a specific blog post, not your general address.

~Link back to the party from your post/blog, please ;).

~Have fun!!

If only one person links up this week it will be a success!! I'm off to another family reunion!! I have a post or so planned for you guys, so don't miss me too much k! Thanks for stopping by! Love, love


  1. I linked up!! Thanks for hosting this party!!

  2. i'll do it next week! i forgot to take a pic of my outfit last weekend and i doubt i'll really be getting ready today or tomorrow...but yay!

  3. Stopping by from Tuesday Tag Along.

    I was already following you but just wanted to give you a friendly reminder to feel free to stop by and join in my new blog hop: Wobble Over Wednesday.

    It's a great way to meet new friends, and get more followers :)

    Hope to see you there!

    -Amanda T


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