The Final Decision

January 24, 2011

I know you are dying of anticipation so here it is: 
I decided to wear outfit #1 to Sundance this past weekend!

This is how it turned out!!
{Houndstooth Coat: Plato's Closet, Green Sweater: Target, Infinity Scarf: Target, Mustard Knit Beret: F21, Jeggings: Kohls, Boots: Target, Clear Bauble Necklace: Kohls (Sorry I decided to nix the Gingham Print top under the sweater it was weird and not comfy which I am sure you all can understand right??).

We had a blast! Sadly we only saw one C-leb and that was:

 James Cromwell:
{I know who is that right?? Well he was the farmer in Babe and Jack Bauer's Dad in 24 (husband about died that is is fave show ever!!)}.
 (Does it count if our friends saw some awesome C-lebs?? Like Liv Tyler and James Franco?? I say yes!!)

One thing I learned/discovered while up in the frigged mountains is why the crap haven't they made thermal lined skinny jeans??

Totally awesome idea right??

I told my hubby/entrepreneur and he laughed/didn't take me seriously! I however think this is a serious matter because at times I couldn't feel my kneecaps on Saturday, and I would love to keep my kneecaps ;)!! 

On a side note I finally used my F21 grey nail polish for this special occasion and I am now obsessed! Sorry I didn't get any pics but you guys should try it!!

Well I am off to clean out my closet! It's taken on a life of it's own lately and has to be stopped!
You might even see some stuff on MVD for you to buy!!
Would you like that??
(I mean some stuff still has the tags on them...I know I have a problem!!)

Thanks so much for all the help! And don't be sad for outfit #2 it will for sure make its way on to this lil ol' blog ;)!

Love, love.

ps: Are we friends on 
If not lets be mmmk?? It'd be super fun!!


  1. you look so cute, i always love your color combos

  2. I love the outfit, especially your hat. Such a good color

  3. This looks like an effortless look! I love how pulled together you are!

    Just Better Together

  4. cute oufit!!!

  5. Super cute! You should totally sell stuff. Cute cute cute!

  6. You looked perfect for Sundance! Lucky thing! I can't even tell you how many times we have seen Babe! My oldest son watched it over and over and over! :)
    Have a fabulous day!


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