#11: You've Gotta A Friend In Me

February 11, 2011

{Neck Tie Blue Top: Thrifted, Teal Cardi: Kmart, X2 High Waist Wide Leg Jeans: Thrifted, Brown Boots, Target}.

{WARNING!! Things might get deep...and cheesy mmmk ;) You've been warned ;)!!}

Yesterday I decided to take a little/big break from work and reminisce about the old times and read some circa 2006 Myspace friend emails (I know I know who uses Myspace anymore ;))!
It really got me thinking though, ever since all of my friends and I got married and some have had kids (well lets get real most of them have except me I'm boycotting ;)) things have never been the same. I know that they shouldn't I mean we are married now, but what about the Sex and The City girls their married and have kids and are still bff's and take trips to India or whatever? 
Things are so crazy different with boys I swear they can go ten years without seeing each other and the second they do they are just acting like they were never apart. Why can't girls be the same??
I miss my friends, I miss our inside super weird jokes that would make us laugh for hours. I am to blame though I let it slip away, I didn't make a good enough effort to keep us close. Serious I am going to try harder because great friends only come around so often, especially ones who have been there through thick and thin.
Anyone else had this happen?
Any advice??
Serious I swear you guys are like my therapists! Thanks for all your love, it really means the world!!

Man I'm spent with all this deepness!
TGIF right?!!
Love, love.


  1. Yeah that same thing happened to me! I just kinda figured its because their lives are busy with their new families. I am in the same boat you are where everyone else has kids and we don't... Sorry I don't have any advice, but I feel for you!

  2. very cute. i love high waisted pants! you look adorable

  3. I'm all for boycotting willingly getting fat and having hormone induced mood swings, etc.

    Unfortunately life just isn't like the movies (bummer) and I have felt the same way too. It really is about making an effort. Everytime I go home to visit I just invite all my girlfriends out to dinner and that has really helped keep me connected. It's rare, but it's a chance to get caught up on eachothers lives.

    Good luck reconnecting!

  4. Blue and teal are great together.As for friends of the past it so happens that our roads cross at some point, we get what we can from each other and then we go our seperate ways again ,only to meet new people and it goes like that again and again.

  5. all the blue looks lovely! yea, good friends are hard to come by, i can't agree more.


  6. can i just say that i LOVE seeing your 30/30 creations! so fun and bright and cheerful! you are such a beauty!


  7. I'm kind of obsessed with that blue blouse. Love neckties!

    As for the friend situation... Unfortunatly life can get in the way and you can lose touch. Just reach out and make contact. One of my closest friends and I stopped talking for 10 years and reconnected via facebook a few years back and are extremely close now.
    I randomly called a friend I hadn't spoke to in a year and even though I only see her once every few months now she's still such a doll and we have a great time chatting.

    It's not always easy getting together but maybe you could commit to a coffee date once a month or even going for walks - gym dates etc. Or having tea at eachothers homes (alternating homes) while baking or making dinner...

    I'm not even sure if that was the advice you were looking for but it's what came to mind when I read your post.

    (Miss Melissa ;))

  8. ahh i'm afraid of that happening wih me and my friends. But seriously, a little effort goes a long way. Even a quick phone call once a week means a lot to people. If you start making an effort maybe they'll follow and you can rekindle your friendships!

  9. Love this, it looks so 70's inspired;which apparently from my spring InStyle is sooo 'in' ;) Love the contrasting blues, looks so pretty.

  10. I would have to agree with everyone! Love how bright your outfits have been, so pretty!!

  11. I have to say this is the epitome of my life. Everyone gets married and disappears and I always said I would never do it, but definitely did because its easy to let happen. I think that those that are really good friends will always be there for you to reconnect with. Those that aren't, probably weren't the best of friends anyways:)

  12. LOVE this look! My friends and I started small, always making sure we got together for holidays and birthdays (we had a rather large group of friends and so once everyone got married just meeting up for birthdays was actually quite frequent). And then my hubz and I just invited one couple over at a time, since w/married couple usually the more that are coming, the harder it is to accommodate everyone's schedule. Now we're all a few years into marriage and not felt as reclusive so we see each other every few weeks. my friends mean the world to me!

  13. I feel ya girl. I went through my old Myspace 2 weeks ago! I hadn't been on in two years and it so took me back!
    I think it is the time in our lives... and I am a boycotter too. I feel out of the loop with my friends now, a lot because of this. We still comment on each others FB and call a few times, but it is not the same friendship. Maybe that is just how it is and we all need to get over it. But yes it is sad.

  14. A little goes a long way - quick emails, phone calls, cards. But, in reality, the best friends are the ones who don't get caught up in the "it was your turn to call" and with whom it just feels easy. I get caught up in the sadness of losing people along the way, but I've been finding it's best to just acknowledge that it happens. The good ones will be receptive to you reaching out. And hopefully you'll do the same!

  15. i just found you through elaine at clothed much's mormon fashion blogger list. i love love this outfit. actually i basically love all of your outfits with those jeans. they are fabulous!

  16. okay, first off, your header! holy radical. secondly, i might steal your bangs. i'm not quite sure how you go about stilling someone's bangs, but if i figure it out, i just might...:)

  17. Great look, I love it.
    And my advice is this.... Be Patient and don't give up on those great friendships. After people get married, the first few years they are building that relationship. Then if they have kids they are adjusting to that enormous change. Soon life will change again and you will find yourself, and your friends, with more time to invest into friendships again.
    I kind of did it backwards, I was the first of all of my friends to get married and have babies, my youngest is 12 and I have been married for 14 years. And some of my friends are just barley having kids. It changes things, it really does,
    but before you know it life will change again. My advice is enjoy the stage you are in, because for better or for worse it will change, guaranteed.

    Oh and I love your bangs too, I might just steal them as well ;)

  18. you look perfect in this outfit!I like it a lot;)

  19. Cute outfit! Yah I have "lost" some old friends as well.. Life just changes and moves forward. Kids and husbands do change things. I guess that's what I love about Blogs and facebook! It makes me feel like I can keep in touch with them and see what's going on in their lives! It sucks cause most of my old friends live in Utah. So I never get to see them. I have made some great new friends here in CA while John's been in school though so I'm grateful for that... ; )

  20. I understand the friend thing. I don't see my friends as much but I'm on the other side of the coin since I have a kid and LOVE doing things with him. A guess things aren't the same as before, ps. I am in love with the jeans. High waisted jeans rock.

  21. love the top!!!


  22. love the top!!!



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