#18: Humor

February 21, 2011

 {Green and Cream Polka Dot Top: Old Navy, AE Vest: Plato's Closet, X2 High Waist Wide Leg Jeans: Thrifted, Green Diesel Boots: Diesel}

Ok I am the first to admit this outfit is a little meh. I mean this really is breaking all the rules I am wearing a baggy shirt with wide leg jeans, which actually makes me look larger then I am...but you know what I am ok with it!

I strangely really like this picture of me laughing, probably because laughing is like my favorite thing. I have a pretty weird sense of humor, well and by weird I mean super immature. What really cracks me up is potty humor...I can't help myself I think it's hilarious. Please say there are some of you out there like me?? 
I also think really stupid jokes are hilarious, like you know the ones that you find on the back of laffy taffy's??
My favorite standby joke is probably:

Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Because he felt CRUMBY!!! 


Hilarious right??
Feel free to steal it and use at your own discretion ;).
Well I'm off to shop till I drop with the mom and sis! 
I hope that we find some sweet deals!
Happy President's Day Ya'll!!

Love, love.

ps: Stay tuned for an awesome surprise umm k!


  1. Loving those jeans! I'm so happy that wide leg jeans like that are back in.

    And I laugh at potty humor as well. My husband and I constantly giggle about farts (but not the smelly ones). I mean, who doesn't?

    North Meets South

  2. You look gorgeous! I am loving the wide leg jeans with the top, really pretty. And your last shot is beyond adorable. As for the potty humour? Yes, I am so with you. My hubs makes fun of me all the time for it. Hehe, have a lovely shopping day. xx veronika

  3. I love the picture of you laughing, it's so cute! Those are the best pictures.

  4. Have a great shopping trip! Can't wait to hear what you find.

  5. umm girl! you are SOO cute!! i love you paired together the vest and top!! :)

  6. those jeans are amazing. you find the best stuff thrifting. great 70's feel. I love the laughing picture too. I see the camera freeze and go Uhhhhhh what do I do.


  7. this outfit is not meh, its great! and your thin and tall enough to carry off larger fitting clothing and still look not-big.


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