#23 & #24: Hubby Left...and a WINNER!!

February 27, 2011


{#23: Purple T-neck: Target, Aztec Sweater: Macy's, Levi Flare Jeans: Dillards, Teal Heels: Thrifted, Teal Belt: F21}
{#24: Cream Sweater: Anne Taylor, Khaki Jacket: Thrifted, Purple Skirt: Thrifted, Grey Tights: Kohls, Cream B&R Flats: Thrifted, Coral Necklace: Gifted Vintage}

First off we need to find a winner for the Gussy Sews Giveaway!!

The lucky lady is.....
{insert drum roll here please}


Sarah from Yes, Teacher!!

Congrats Sarah! Email me at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com to claim your prize girl!!
Thanks to all who entered and for Gussy for the great giveaway!
Still wishing you had won? Head over to the Gussy Sews Shop and pick something out real nice for yourself! You know you wanna ;)!
Guys can I just say today is pretty much THE worst Sunday ever and I really love me some Sundays, I mean its a whole day of rest and relaxation (I for sure take full advantage of that part ;))!
I took my sweet and adorable husband to the airport to fly off to friggin' Africa (nothing against Africa by any means ). I don't know when I will talk to him next or if he's ok! So help me if they harm even a hair on his head I am heading over there and taking out the whole country/continent ;).
For some weird reason I get severe anxiety about hubby going on vacation, but yet I have none when he is in the same state as I am...You know I really am a complicated cookie.
And to make things worst I had to teach my Young Women's class in church...still utterly loathe it. Pretty sure I would rather have a hairy spider as a best friend then do it...and I'm a full blown arachnephobic!!
Perhaps a nap is in order! Naps always make me a happier person ;)! 

Love, love friends.


  1. totally random..but your bangs make me want to get some!! haha. i'm having an inner battle right now. hehe. so cute!

  2. You look really pretty for being sad!
    I will have a great give away in March, please check out my blog and follow me!

  3. i made a weird noise like "guah" when i say that first picture(perhaps i shouldn't admit weird noises). i guess it means that i really love the sweater and belt together.

  4. Omg, I'm in YW as well and teaching on Sunday is one of the hardest things ever. When you ever ask a question, all they do is stare at the floor! It's awful!

    North Meets South

  5. I love me a Sunday nap! And I've never been a big fan of teaching YW either. :/ But, I'm sure they love having you to inspire them with cute style!!

  6. LOVE those teal heals!! And sorry you're missing your hubby -- I get the same way when mine is out of town. I eat nothing but crap and sleep with the lights on :)

  7. Listen to me, this is a life rule...naps always make everything feel beter :)
    Love your outfits! And I am sorry that your hubs is gone, I hate it when mine is gone. Good luck.

  8. You look so amazing! Love your blog!



  9. I'm on my way to your house right now to steal outfit #23. Hope you don't mind. :)

  10. I'm on my way to your house right now to steal outfit #23. Hope you don't mind. :)


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