#25: How I Shop

February 28, 2011

{Faux Fur Vest: Plato's Closet, Black T-neck: Target, Green Cargo Skinnies: Target, Platform Heels: Ross, Belt: Target}

I have had a couple of you guys ask to post on my super sweet awesome deals that I get on clothes so this is how I get what I want but save on some dough! Ya see I LOVE clothes (duh obvious right?) I also like to keep up with current trends as much as possible, I am able to do this by couponing, thrifting, and ALWAYS shopping the clearance rack. I was raised a bargain shopper and will die a bargain shopper! 
I am sure you have seen other bloggers post how much the are able to get their clothes for, ya see I used to do that but (serious not to toot my own horn) but it can be kind of hard to get the same deals that I do (so just know that when I list stuff that I wear that I don't spend a lot of money! I am totally on a budget and am scrimping by just like the rest of us!!) so I am here now to teach you how!
I am able to get clothes for almost if not free from major stores, all due to a little thing called COUPON OVERAGE!! Coupon Overage occurs when the value of your coupon exceeds the cost of the item you’re buying. So for example: if I have a $5.00 off coupon for an item but the item only costs $3.99 that means that I have an overage of $1.01 to go towards other items! Rack up enough of those overages and hello brand new clothes for nothin!
Like I said earlier, I ALWAYS shop on the clearance rack, if I buy anything that is not discounted then it must be super special or a basic item that I am able to wear for a long time.
I also have found that following deal blogs makes finding deals even easier! I mean they do all the work for you all you have to do is click!

A couple that I look at are:
The stores I usually shop at that are easy on the wallet and where you can save a ton of money are: Target (LOVE that they have coupons on clothes!!), Old Navy, Forever 21, Macy's, Dillards, Ross, TJ Maxx, Store Outlets, and of course Thrift Stores.

To save additional money I also coupon but that is really a whole other post all in itself! 

What do you guys do to save money? Any fellow couponers out there?? If you haven't couponed yet seriously you have to try it! It is so addicting about how much money you can save, and you will wonder why you didn't do it earlier!

Have anymore questions about finding good deals, let me know friends I am always more than happy to help peeps score sweet deals or bestow my awesome knowledge of dealing upon you ;)! 

So go forth my bloggy friends and find some kick butt deals and relish in the thoughts that you are saving loads of cash that you can put towards more clothes (because that really is what it's all about!).

{EDIT} Sorry guys I totally forgot to include this:
You can find Target coupons off of their website. They don't always have coupons for clothing but do I would say once a month. You have to be quick with them though since they are hot items! Target will usually upload new coupons every Sunday on their website so hop on every Sunday to see if there is some clothing coupons and then print those suckers out! You can have 2 prints per IP address so I use both of our laptops and our PC to print off from. Hope that helps guys!!

Love, love friends.


  1. I love Totally Target! I coupon too but I'm not hardcore or anything! I collect them and when I see something we really need on a really good deal I use it!

  2. Where the heck do you get Target clothes coupns??! I shop there ALL the time!

  3. Thanks so much! I LOVE Target so I will have to check out those websites! I have been meaning to ask a couple questions about thrifting! You have totally inspired me to get into it! So are there any particular day that is better to go? Or is it hit and miss! Do you go all the time to get the good buys? I know sometimes thrifting can be a little hard and requires patience but I wasn't sure if you had any great tips on that subject!

  4. Where do you get the coupons?

    I don't do coupons but thrift stores, and only on the half-off day. Most thrift stores have deal days, so my advice is to ask your local thrift store when they have sales/deals. My local Salvation Army has half-off Wednesdays and I get amazing items like this dress: http://spenceranderica.blogspot.com/2011/02/what-i-wore-this-weekend.html

    North Meets South

  5. That's awesome. I check those websites and have never seen clothes coupons! Yeah where do you get those? You're awesome! Thanks!

  6. I love pants like these! They really rough up an outfit and looks amazing with heels! Looks like you had fun on this fshoot:-)

  7. You tricky little couponer. I've tried it before but i have to admit I haven't had any success with coupon overage. I definitely do use coupons whenever I can though!

  8. I pride myself as an awesome deal shopper, but I didn't know about these coupons. I totally owe you! :) Oh, and you look adorable!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I was not raised as a bargain shopper so I am just learning! And I love that vest, btw.

  10. you have some good ideas girlie, I'll have try the coupon thing. I thrift and save on other stuff. I like sales but since wee little boy came around I can't shop as much and to get the deals you have to go often.

  11. love that outfit.


  12. i am an extreme couponer! but i didn't know target had them for clothes! details woman! do tell :)

  13. thanks for the advice!! love the skinny green with the heels :)

    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  14. i just found your blog and i your 30 for 30 looks. looking forward to following your fashionable adventures!

  15. I love that other young people coupon. Makes me feel like I'm not 80!

  16. I pride myself as an awesome deal shopper, but I didn't know about these coupons. I totally owe you! :) Oh, and you look adorable!


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