Guest Post: Kristine from Kristine. Or Polly

March 7, 2011

Hello there! My name is Kristine and I blog over at Kristine. Or Polly., a personal style blog where I document my daily outfits and my life!


I am 21 years old and currently live in Phoenix, AZ. I love musicals, Christmas, travelling, anything red velvet, sleeping in, Essie nail polish, and pizookie! My husband, Matt, and I just got married back in September 2010. At the end of this month, we will be embarking on our biggest adventure yet - moving to JAPAN! We are so excited and can't wait to share our adventures on the blog :)

I am so glad Morgan invited me to guest blog today. I absolutely adore her funky style and sweet spirit! She asked me to share a few things I am loving right now... so here goes!

Colorful skinny belts
Colorful skinny belts are my favorite accessory to play with. Not only do they accentuate the waist and create such a feminine silhouette, but they can add such a fun pop of color to your outfit! I think I have about 10 colorful skinny belts that I've collected over the past few months. I think the next one I need to find is a bright yellow one...

Now that it is March, the weather is about to get a little too warm for scarves. Which is too bad, because they have been heaven sent these past couple of weeks! Scarves are such a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. My favorites are the big bulky ones - I think they really add a lot of interest to any outfit!

I love big, bold stripes. I think they are so easy to wear in any season! Wear them with jeans for a laid-back look, or with a patterned skirt for a fun, quirky look! I love to wear high buns with my stripes to add a touch of Parisian chic.

Kristine seriously thanks so much for guest posting you are the cutest thing ever! Don't you guys just love her?!!

Run don't walk over to her blog:

Kristine. Or Polly

And say hi, it will probably be the best decision you will make all day ;).

Love, love.


  1. I'm pretty Sure she and I would have been the best of Arizona friends were she not moving the very month I'm moving back! Love her.

  2. I'm totally blown away by the pattern matching in the top photo. So effortless and so gorgeous!

  3. yep... love her... SO much! that girl is the queen of all pattern mixing and totally sweet too...


  4. your moving to japan. I can't wait to see what clothes you get over there and how you include them in your look. I love how your mismatchie. It looks so planned and well, nice. (I know it's planned, but you know what I mean right!)

  5. yup!! i totally lover her fashion and her blog!!

  6. I love this find! Thanks Morgan!

  7. I love this find! Thanks Morgan!


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