Guest Post: Veronika From Girl And Closet

March 11, 2011

Hello lovely readers. I am Veronika from “Girl and Closet” and I'm so thrilled that Morgan asked me to guest blog and chat with you today.
A little about me? OK, since you asked so nicely, I started my beloved fashion blog earlier this year and I am absolutely hooked. I adore having a venue where I can engage with other fashion-loving readers, and be inspired by like-minded gals like yourselves. When it comes to personal style, I'm a huge fan of a girly and vintage aesthetic. I love adding layers, textures and interest to my outfits, and I also love the challenge of finding new ways to wear my clothes. It’s creative, challenging, and keeps me on budget, which in turn keeps my hubs-extraordinarily happy!

So without further adieu, I present my fashion faves; the items that make my heart race and make me jump out of bed every morning!

1) Scarves: The three magic words that all my outfits want to to hear? Texture, texture, and texture! Scarves are a wonderful way to add interest, [and, yup] texture, and colour to any outfit. I absolutely adore them!

2) Floral Prints: Love of my life! I love adding a touch of vintage & romance to my outfits, and pairing my florals with unexpected prints such as stripes, vintage inspired lace, polka-dots, or a slouchy sequin cardy -it’s so chic!

3) Belts: Love 'em, gotta have them, and can’t live with out them. I love cinching my dresses with a belt or my fave cardy. Belts have a way of putting me in a great fashion mood and I wouldn’t be half the girl I am without them!

4) Pattern Mixing: I usually like to go pretty bold with my pattern mixing. When I use two different prints in my outfit, then I try to balance them out with a solid colour. In this outfit, I added black tights and a belt, which then ties in with the black in my shirt. Voila, that’s how I make the magic happen.

5) Chunky Strappy Heel: Last but not least, I just purchased these adorable shoes at H&M and it was love at first sight! How adorable is that chunky wooden heel? These sweet shoes look fab with my dresses, skinny jeans, or my dressy shorts -can't wait to show them off on my blog!

Yay! Thanks for hanging out with me today. Big smooches to the fabulous, funky and gorgeous Morgan for letting me chit-chat fashion with you guys. I had a blast! xx Veronika


Veronika! Thanks so much for posting girlie! Isn't she fab? And I going to go ahead and say it right here and now that she will be the next big 'It' girl in the blogging world! She's that great!

Check out her blog:

Thanks again friend!

Love, love.


  1. She is lovely! And what a great topic for a guest post :)
    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  2. she dresses so lovely and has great tips and I love them all.

  3. ah I love Veronika, she is so creative in the way she dresses, and beautiful to boot! so excited she guest posted on your blog :)

    <3 steffy

  4. Okay girl, you need to come link up to Fashion Friday! You are a fashion blog icon! I need you!

  5. thanks for introducing me to another wonderful blogger! i love her style.


  6. I just adore Veronika! So down to earth and has a great sense of style. Rock it gurlfren :)

  7. I love that belted outfit and the chucky sandals, so cute:)

  8. Yeay!! Love floral prints and belts too.. your style is adorable, veronica!

    The Picnic Girl

  9. Great pics. I love seeing a blogger I recognize on a new read.

  10. Great pics. I love seeing a blogger I recognize on a new read.

  11. she dresses so lovely and has great tips and I love them all.


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