Guest Post: Abbey from Along Abbey Road

May 24, 2011

Guys I am so happy to have some of my very best bloggy friends posting for ya'll while I am gone! First up we have Abbey from Along Abbey Road, her blog is adorable, and she takes wonderful pics! Not to mention she is have an awesome Anthropology GIVEAWAY going on right now (for sure check that out!!). So with out further ado take it away Abbey (Thx again girl)!

Hello, little lovers! I am so excited to be doing a guest post here for Morgan! Isn't she the best?!   

I suppose I should introduce myself, as that would be the nice thing to do so you can get to know me! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road. I just started my fashion blog a couple of months ago and am having the time of my life! It is so wonderful to see all of the talented bloggers out there and to make connections to find true inspiration and style. You know, you could probably call me a bit of a blogaholic. And a shopaholic since my blog is all about fashion. I guess that makes me a blogashopaholic. 

Lately, I've been addicted to all kinds of accessories. The saying, "the bigger, the better" definitely applies to everything about accessories in the fashion world right now. Here are my must-have pieces for the summer!

Numero Uno: Oversized cocktail rings.
I just can't get enough of the sparkle and shazam these add to our pretty little posies!
RINGS: Turquoise, flower, and pink one from Loft. Silver rhinestone, purchased in Spain.
 Numéro Deux: Layered bracelets
Keep the stacks comin'!
Number Three: The Conversation-Starter necklace
Who doesn't love to talk about all things fashion? The bright hues and earthy,
bohemian-inspired designs for the summer combine for a look to gab and 
gawk about for hours! 
I want to let all of you lovelies know I am hosting a $30 Anthropologie gift card  giveaway on my blog that I would so, so, so love for you to enter! It is running until June 4th, 11:59 pm PST. Hurry on up and head over here to enter and check out the specifics!

Well, it's been so fun being here at MVD! Big thanks to the fabulous and beautiful Morgan for asking me to guest post! She really is one of the sweetest and most genuine bloggers out there! Have a splendid day, little lovers! 

ps: Are you a Thriftaholic?


  1. I love your bangles! Their so pretty! And I do love to thrift although my shopping ban at the moment means I cant

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Don’t forget to enter my Alex Keller Giveaway

  2. Hi Abbey! Thanks for guest posting for Morgan! I just LOVE her!

  3. oooh yes, i'm in love with the same looks right now - esp the bracelets and the rings! great post :)

  4. I love everything! The rings are my favorite! So beautiful!

  5. Great guest post Abbey <3
    I love cocktail rings and statement necklaces!!

    Sadie x

  6. fun post... i LOVE cocktail rings and layered bracelets!!

    i'm off to check out her blog!!

  7. I love the jewelry in this post! It is perfect, esp. the colors!


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