Guest Post: The Sisters 4 Say More Is More

May 26, 2011

Howdy Ya'llz ;). I have a wonderful group of girls/sisters taking care of ya today! The Sisters 4 Say More Is More!! I have met Sophie in real life and I am pretty sure she is the sweetest person on the planet! I cannot wait to meet the rest of the sisters in the summer time hopefully (fingers crossed)! Take it away ladies!

we are so excited to be guest posting for MVD! we totally love Morgan and her fierce style and rockin' color choices... not to metion cute shoes {girl if you ever tire of those over the knee boots... sis#1 will gladly take them off your hands!}

Selina, Sophie, Olivia and Elise

we are 4 sisters who love style on a budget... or sometimes no budget we dig through every clearance rack, hunt through thrift stores, sew and refashion so we can get the look we want for way less...

1. when and why did you start blogging?

we started blogging a little over a year ago... we were always working on some sort of project or wanted to show eachother super awesome clearance finds so we started the blog as a place to do that since we live so far apart

2. what is your blog about?

our blog is about personal style and how you can achieve that style without spending hardly any money... whether it be throught thrifting, sewing, DIY, bargain hunting or stealing eachothers clothes...

3. what do you like to do in your spare time?

.. that's tough to answer for the 4 of us... Sophie is a mom of 1 with 1 on the way, she's an awesome dance teacher and choreographer, Olivia is studying fashion design at FIDM and loves finding new cool music, Elise is a cheerleader and budding choreographer and Selina is a mom of 2 girls, part time makeup artist, super part time dance teacher and loves to sing in her choir...

4. Are you a soda drinker?

nope... none of us!

5. What's your fave TV show?

So You Think You Can Dance

6. What's your fave trend for summer?

big sun hats, white pants, blouses and tribal jewelry

7. Bikini or one-piece? 

one piece

8. Fave magazine?

all of the September issues of every fashion magazine!

9. Thrifter or anti-thrifter?

major thrifters....

10. One thing you can't live without?

great shoes...


Thanks again girls for guest posting! You all are so so sweet! For sure check them out guys, their shoe collections are just beyond awesome!

ps: Are you a Thriftaholic?


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