Guest Post: Steffy From Steffy's Pros And Cons

May 27, 2011

Guys I have a model posting for you today...Serious Steffy you're a model!! I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised to get her guest post because it was about animals! Right then and there I knew we were meant to be! So here she is Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons:

Hello readers of Meet Virginia Design! My name is Steffy and I run the blog Steffys Pros and Cons. I am so excited to be here while Morgan is away on vacation! Today were going to go on a field trip to the zoo!

Look at the little baby koala, isn't he precious? and the bright pink flamingos! and the best part.... feeding the giraffes! They eat cabbage and have the longest black tongues ever, and slobber all over you! It might be the most precious thing ever. And the cutie on the smiling frog? My cutie boyfriend! I hope you enjoyed our trip to the zoo, and hop on over to Steffys Pros and Cons to say hello!

<3 Steffy

Is her outfit not the cutest thing ever? Girl I swear you always find the cutest hats, and for that I am so jealous ;)! Thanks again girl LOVED seeing all the cute animals!

ps: Are you a Thriftaholic?


  1. Love Steffy! She's such a sweet, down-to-earth girl! And even though her blog is growing super fast, she still stays that way! You know not all bloggers are like that, am i right?!

    amy day to day

  2. Steffy's hat.
    Steffy's hat.
    The hat.

    What a cute post!! I love giraffes!!

  3. Um, you touched the giraffe!? I am so jealous.

  4. I love her outfits, all the time! Esp. the hat this time!


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