Guest Post: Veronika From Girl And Closet

May 28, 2011

Guys I have our very last guest poster for you...I am happy to be back but sad to leave my little vacation! Enough with the debby downer right?! I have the always wonderful Veronika from Girl and Closet post for ya! So take it away girl!


Hello, lovely readers! I'm so thrilled to be guest posting for the gorgeous & super sweet Morgan while she's enjoying her fabulous vacay!! As for me? I'm Veronika and I run a personal style blog called "Girl & Closet." I just started my blog earlier this year and I'm absolutely hooked. I'm so excited to be chatting fashion and sharing a few pattern mixing tips with you guys!

I just purchased this adorable skirt at H&M! I'm absolutely smitten with the sweet floral pattern, however, mixing two floral patterns together was a first for me. I was surprised that I had never though of it before, because I absolutely love the look. If you haven't tried this combo yet, please do... you will adore it and it's a guaranteed mood enhancer. When it comes to mixing patterns. I really like to choose a bigger scaled pattern (eg. my tank) and then mix it with a more petite pattern (eg. my skirt). I also try to pull colours from the same colour family.

What patterns do you guys love pairing together? Do you follow any pattern mixing rules?

Thanks for hanging out with me today! SO great to meet you guys, and big bloggy hugs to Morgan for asking to me to check in with you. Hope everyone is enjoying some fabulous sunshine and be sure to pop by my blog and say hi... I'd love to meet you. xx veronika


LOVE this outfit mixing prints is so my fave lately, and you do it so great girl! Thanks again to all of my wonderful guest posters and friends! Weren't they all just awesome?? Well friends I will be back in action next week, and let me tell you I sure have missed every single last one of ya! Love, love.

ps: Are you a Thriftaholic?


  1. love your style!!!
    congratulations honey!
    xxx =D

  2. Oh yay, Veronika is just so cute!! My fave pattern combo is stripes with floral. ;D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. Oh wow that outfit is perfection, she is lovely. I adore the skirt and the shoes.

  4. Late starter but LOVE your blog, now following! (And yes, an absolute 'thriftaholic'!) Miss Walker xoxo

  5. Oh wow that outfit is perfection, she is lovely. I adore the skirt and the shoes.


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