Last Time And A Surprise!

May 6, 2011

Hey Guys! It's my last week on The It List! It has been so super duper fun, I have loved getting to know new people and discover new blogs! If you ever have the chance for sure take it!

Happy Friday ladies!  It's hard to believe it is May already... I so thankful for longer sunnier days!
Take some time to enjoy these fabulous links today!
  • rose a la mode has been obsessing over this rose gold Michael Kors watch.  It's absolutely gorgeous... see how she snagged it on a budget! (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • meet virginia design is looking absolutely smashing in red, one of my favorite hues for spring and summer.  Plus, she vows never to become a blogging diva - what a cute post! (find meet virginia design on twitter!)
  • mama loves papa is sporting a gorgeous green vintage dress for spring. This is such a happy dress and a great silhouette. (find mama loves papa on twitter!)
  • rebecca with an r always seems to layer so effortlessly I am loving this combo of pale pink with florals.  And how cute are her new wedges? (find rebecca with an r on twitter!)
  • the capital barbie is loving flats for spring and summer - and who doesn't? Check out her fun picks including a pair of metallics that I just love! (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • baby shopaholic dishes on her favorite brand and color of blusher.  Pop on over there to see what it is, I know I have heard LOTS of bloggers chat up with blush. It's definitely piquing my interest!
  • a spot of whimsy is still basking in the glow of the royal wedding. And so am I! Check out her favorite British brand - it's one I happen to love as well! (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • lady M recreates this Olivia Palermo look on a dime, and it's a good one!  A perfect outfit for summer! (find lady M on twitter!)
  • the stylish housewife is wearing one of the most coveted palettes for summer: neon + neutrals. Check out her gorgeous ensemble!  I am in love with that dress!
  • sweetie pie style just updated her vintage shop, One Sweet Find.  Go check out her new offerings and she is offering a discount to IT list readers exclusively, use code: THEITLIST at checkout for 10% off! (find sweetie pie style on twitter!)
  • one hundred inspirations recreates this fun Anna Kendrick look for around $100 - I just LOVE these green jeans!
  • good clean fun brings us this chocolate peanut butter pie recipe.  You can thank me (or her!) later - this looks delicious! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • the fancy red boots is looking adorable in this simple red skirt and jean jacket. What a simple and classic look - I love it! (find the fancy red boots on twitter!)
  • good life for less is loving the white-out trend that is so popular for summer.  See how you can pull the look off yourself! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by Jill of good life for less - for information on how to be involved, click here!

Guys I met with Ana, Diana, and Liz yesterday, and we had am absolute BLAST! They even got to see me in my non blogger form (which means baggy jeans, later in the day I found a hole in my oversized shirt, and air dried wave fest hair) I am just hoping they still want to be my friends....;)?? I know I can be a style blogger abomination from time to time but can we just pretend its kind of cute and endearing instead of abominable?? ;)..
We have such a surprise for you! We are planning another meet up! So keep your schedule open for June 25th if you live in UT or will be visiting!! We are thinking of doing a clothing/whatever you have to trade swap! Have you guys ever been to a swap? I was just wondering how they went down?? Do you just trade for items you want, or is there a method to the madness? I would sure appreciate any and all help or advice! I am giddy with excitement!

Here we are again friends with the whole weekend ahead of us! I for one couldn't be more excited! It's Mother's Day weekend which I always love to celebrate...But even though I don't technically have a child I still think I should be included...I mean I do take care of a 26 year old husband who likes his naps...It counts...Well in my book it does ;). Hope you all have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms/honorary moms like me and all of your own moms but especially mine because she is the best ;). Love, love.

ps: Lets all enter cause time is a tickin!


  1. You look so smokin' on the IT list! Look at you in red, I just love it.

    Ask the Duplex

  2. Chocolate peanut butter pie! Count me in! These blogs are all fun! I follow a few! Going to check out the rest now!

    Thanks and happy Friday

  3. omggg i want to come i wish i lived nearby! one of your meetups i have to come out :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. i looooove that you get to meet up with your blog friends often. wish i could do that over here - but there aren't too many in SC. boo.

    happy weekend!! :)

  5. I went to a clothing swap here in Edmonton and it was a blast. We brought in our clothes and a a swap volunteer evaluated it to figure out what it was worth -- brand, condition, style -- and they handed out tokens. There were bronze, silver, and gold tokens which represented the items worth. You could make a gold token by combining however many silver tokens and that kind of thing, they also allowed you to purchase more tokens. Then we went into the clothes room and all the clothing was marked with a color bronze, silver, or gold. One gold token would buy one gold item, or 3 bronze items and so forth.

    Wow, that sounds complicated! I think they just wanted to make sure that if someone brought a bunch of sweatpants with holes in them, they wouldn't go home with an evening gown.

  6. Dang it, I'm gone every summer. I really wish I could meet you guys!

    amy day to day

  7. it so does count. Happy Mother's day to you ;)

  8. I would to come! to bad i dont live close! Keep doing a great job:)

  9. You are gorgeus! and you don't have a high forehead - it's just the way every forehead should look like. I'm serious. I've just started blogging, so if you would be so kind, please, give me your opinion :) thanks!

  10. You look fabulous in that picture on the IT list.

  11. Helloooo from Greece and Στάλες στο γαλάζιο

    Happy Mother's Day!
    Lovely post....

  12. congrats on the it list, and i'm totally jealous with your meet up:) hope you had a great weekend!

  13. you look soo hot girl!! soo cool to meet all these other blogs!!

  14. I would to come! to bad i dont live close! Keep doing a great job:)


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