You Asked I Answered {Part One}

May 5, 2011

Thanks guys for all your wonderful questions! I decided to split them up into two parts so this isn't too long! I'm here to lay it all out so lets get to it!

1. Where are your Nerd Glasses from? ~Jenna
They are from Urban Outfitters! I used to where glasses actually until I got Lasik!

2. How did you and your Hubby meet? ~Steffy, Amy, Savannah
The hubs and I actually went to the same high school but didn't know each other...Crazy I know! We met after he got back from an LDS Mission at a concert, he was playing guitar in a band at the time. He asked me out much to my friends dismay...We won't go into that one ;). And we have been together ever since! Married 4 years this Tuesday!! Crazy how time has just flown by!

3. How do you know what goes with what? Or do you just take a chance? ~Megan
Honestly it mostly is just chance. I have always had sort of a knack for putting colors together, serious not to toot my own horn or anything! I just really like to push the boundaries with color though, I don't like to be too matchy matchy. So the advice I have is to just step outside your comfort zone and add some more color to your wardrobe. Try pairing unlikely colors together and see what you think, also just have fun! That really is what fashion is all about, having fun and expressing yourself.

4. Do you ever get tired of your bangs? Do you have any tricks? ~Courtney
I most certainly get sick of my bangs! I have to have bangs though I have a HUGE forehead like a Tyra Banks five finger forehead. You can usually find me with my bangs bobby pinned back most days, or braided back due to laziness ;).

5. What's you real hair color? ~Bre, Amy
Well that really is a good question! When I was younger my hair was a blondish brown, so I would say it's a lighter to medium brown. But I have been dying my hair dark for years, several years ago I used to dye it platinum blonde....Can you imagine me with white blonde hair? It just didn't look right so I vowed to be a brunette from then on!

6. What is your trick for thrifting? Are certain days better than others? Do you prefer big stores (Savers, Goodwill, etc.)? Or smaller ones? ~??? Didn't leave a name or profie :(
Well you are in luck girl! I made some posts about thrifting, Thrifting 101! You know I haven't found one day of the week to be better than another for thrifting. I would suggest to go as often as you can, since they are constantly replenishing merchandise and you don't want someone snagging up good thrifted treasure over you..Right?? I usually shop at the Deseret Industries it's a local thrift store here in UT, also I have dabbled a little with shopping at Savers, and Thrift Town. I tend to shop more at the larger stores, I have found things to be cheaper at larger stores, but this isn't always the case I am sure. So I would say try them all out! See what works best for you!!

7. Did you do your blog design yourself? ~Virginie, Mackenzie
I did do it myself, with A LOT of help from my Hubby! He does my headers, and I run all layout changes by him since he has made a lot of websites for various business ventures he is involved with. Also I have spent many of hours researching code and tutorials online, I wish I had an image of what my blog first looked like...It was not good friends!

8. How old are you? ~Diana, Amy
Can I just say that this is my LEAST favorite question, thanks a lot Diana and Amy ;)! Lately I have come to the realization that I am not as young as I once was. I swear like I said earlier that time goes so so fast! But alas I'll reveal my age....I'm 26 and no I don't have any kids nor am I think about having any for awhile...and yes I live in the notorious baby making state of the nation, Utah ;). 

Whelp there you have it guys part one of MVD's FAQ! Have any more go ahead and ask away, and I'll do my best to answer ;). Thanks again for your questions guys, seriously you=the best! Love, love.

ps: Happy Cinco De Mayo!! 

ps: You should enter...I mean who doesn't like pretty jewelry?


  1. I love the whole question answer thing, it's so fun. I can't imagine you with blonde hair, I'm sure it looked awesome! and side note 26 really isn't that old, but i understand where you're coming from, anything over 19 i feel is old while living in Utah. lovely post! make sure to check out later today what Ally and my twin tip is :)


  2. Thanks for sharing...and I think you make a great brunette!

  3. That was so fun to read. I cannot imagine you as a blond. Brunette looks so perfect on you!


  4. Awww! Thanks for the answer! Your so sweet! I will have to get me a pair as soon as possible!

    love the mustache! So cute!

  5. Post a blonde hair pic! I've always dreamed of having blonde hair for a day!

  6. This is so fun! I'm sure you'd rock the blonde - but I like you better as a brunette.

    If I ever move back to utah I'll make you be my friend so we can be 26 and kidfree together in the land of children.

  7. I really loved reading your answers to these questions! :)
    Don't worry, 26 isn't old at all! I'll be 29 on Sunday, EEEKKKEEE!!! And I'm no where near ready to have babies (I'm not even in a relationship!), so don't worry you have TONS of time!

  8. I love questions and answers where I get to know my fave bloggers better! First, you are NOT old! Besides, you look younger, if that makes you feel better. And seriously, it's okay if you're 26 without kids. When you want one, it'll totally hit you. Trust me. I have a friend who's almost 29, been married 6 years, and is just now super baby hungry. Anyway, thanks for telling us your age! I'm always curious to know.

    amy day to day

  9. Love this idea! Great to learn a wee bit more about you! Happy Cinco De Mayo back at ya!

  10. Can you show us a pic of you as a blonde? I would LOVE to see it!
    Ask the Duplex

  11. Wow, certainly can't imagine you with blonde hair, brunette is definitely you! Fun post with the Q&A's!

  12. We both turned 26 this birthday was Sunday! YAY for no babies...or the desire to make them (yet?)!!

  13. even the way you answer these questions are so cute!! loving them!

    The Picnic Girl

    Join my 2nd blogaversaire giveaway!

  14. totally LOVED reading your QA! wish we could actually go out for coffee - maybe one day! then we could be twinsies and wear our blowfish shoes ;)

    p.s. i'm 26 years old too - will be 27 though in october. 3 more years till 30. trying not to think about it. ;)

  15. omg i cant believe youve been married 4 yrs! how old are you girl? you seem so young! or maybe i am just super weird and marriage phobic and should be getting married soon lol!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  16. oh wait... i just saw your 26! haha! you def dont look 26!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. I love these ask & tell posts!

    A) I can't believe you are will probably look 26 when you are 40, ha B) I can't believe you were a platinum blondie! I agree and think you should post a pic! C) I don't have any kids either and I fully support the no baby plan until 30

  18. A few things:

    1. LOVE this post. So fun getting to the girlie behind the bloggy.
    2. Can we trade hair? Forever? Ok. Thanks.
    3. And if you could send over some (re: all) of your clothes, that would be great. I'm just in Salt Lake so the shipping won't cost too much.

    :) loves.

  19. I love learning more about you! Thanks for answering my question :)

  20. Thanks for answering my question about how you met your hubby. I'm 26, married three years and no kids anytime soon either. Yay for another girl I can relate to. I hate when people always ask. I mean there is no rule you have to have honeymoon babies. Plus our honeymoon phases are going on 3-4 years now, right? Can't complain about that. :) I love your blog, M.

  21. Wow, certainly can't imagine you with blonde hair, brunette is definitely you! Fun post with the Q&A's!


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