Thriftaholics Weekly #4

June 28, 2011

Now that we have "I'm a Thriftaholic" rolling we thought we'd share weekly, our thrifted treasure! Thrifted treasure could be an item(s) you have thrifted: thrifted clothing you've worn in outfit posts, thrifted home decor, really any thing you thrifted and want to show off is welcome!

Remember this really is a support group in reverse, we don't want to kick our thrifting habits, we want to embrace them and show them off. And most importantly we want to have fun in the process!

So if you have a thrifted find that you are dying to share, this is the place. Every Tuesday we will have the: "Thriftaholics Weekly Link up."Where you will be able to link up anything you have thrifted whether that be something in your outfit post, a piece of furniture, anything your little thrifted heart desires. There are no limits on what can be linked up, it just simply needs to be anything you've thrifted and fell in love with. Bottom line: If you thrifted, we want to see it. Simple enough right?!

Thanks to all those who linked up last week, it was a blast seeing all of your thrifted finds! I had to narrow it down to my pick of the week (which was super hard  you guys are awesome)! 

My Thriftaholic of the week is:
She thrifted this UH-MAZING Cynthia Vincent dress for $6.25, isn't it super cute? My first thought was why would anyone just give that away, then my second thought was go you Julie...But I am really slightly jealous ;)! It looks great on you, and I love that coraly peach color for summer!

You can also check out Ana's pick {HERE}.
Don't forget every following week, Ana and I will pick our favorite thrifty post and feature you on our blogs. So every week two entries will be chosen and featured.

The guidelines for linking up weekly are easy:
Link up a post about your thrifty finds, be sure to link the direct post.


Place one of these badges on your blog post you are linking up with.
Meet Virginia Design

Meet Virginia Design
We are so excited to see what you've thrifted!


  1. impressive!!! i cannot for the life of me go thrifiting - but this is certainly an inspiration for me!

  2. Thanks for picking me! It was such a random lucky find! I'm jealous of tons of stuff you've thrifted too :)

  3. Hello! I love what you are doing here. Have been keeping up on your looks for a little while on bloglovin'. Your style inspires me! I'm a huge fan of thrift shopping and I'd say about 75% of my closet are lightly used and vintage items. Thanks for starting this weekly thrifting movement in your corner of blogosphere!
    Van C. of The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  4. impressive!!! i cannot for the life of me go thrifiting - but this is certainly an inspiration for me!


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