Empty Closet Syndrome

September 22, 2011

I gotta be honest guys...I am currently suffering from empty closet syndrome. You know the feeling when you look into your closet and see absolutely nothing to wear, and yet your closet is full of clothes dying to be taken off their hanger to see the light of day? I am so uninspired by my wardrobe right now. Perhaps it has something to do with the seasons being in limbo right now. In Utah it's still hot-ish during the day and cool at night, ummm...how is one suppose to dress for those temperatures? Perhaps this "illness" is really just a front for a huge underlying problem? Boredom? I do know one thing and that is a cure for this so-called "illness" and the cure is going balls out shopping...however there is a problem...see I had to drop thousands of dollars for school a couple weeks ago so, to say things are little tight would be an understatement. Perhaps some faux online shopping might do the trick?
Do you guys know any tricks for curing empty closet syndrome? Anyone feeling the same right now? Did I hear someone say support group? Sure do love you guys...wish me luck with my new found "illness".


  1. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I've found that purging my closet helps with this. Getting rid of things that don't fit and I no longer like helps me realize what I do have to work with, and I think I do a bit better with less options sometimes (I see more possibilities of what can be worn together). Plus, I usually find at least one piece I'd forgotten I had!

  2. I've been suffering from the exact same illness, it must be going around. The transitional time in between seasons is always hard to dress for, I'm either too hot or too cold or my outfit is too fall or too summer. Despite being packed to the gills my closet appears empty and lame. I was talking to my younger sister about this and she suggested I take everything out of my closet, sort through my clothes and reorganize them. Sometimes just moving things around is all it takes to get inspired. I'm planning on doing a massive closet clean out this weekend so I'll let you know how it goes on my end. Who knows maybe we can swap some of our unwanted items!

  3. Ugh, year after year I get stuck in this rut as well!! I usually put some winter clothes away so I bring them out and that usually helps, new (old) clothes! Also, definitely faux shopping and pinterest then try to recreate looks you loved from that. Also! Style books! I want to get my hands on Rachel Zoe's and what was that book awhile ago about it suggesting how to dress for every occasion? And then you can always make note of a few key pieces you, ahem, need and wish/hope/dream about how you'll get them later.
    Trust me, the "illness" will be gone in a couple of weeks :)


  4. I look through the clothes and randomly pull out two items and try to make them work together!

  5. I feel the exact same. I was going through my closet yesterday trying to pick out what to wear today, and everything that I passed by just didn't feel right.

    I blame it on the change of seasons too. Lately I've found myself grabbing things for comfort because of the cold weather coming on. I haven't found a cure yet, so I'm sorry that I can't inspire you :(

  6. Yes I've definitely had this syndrome...lol. Yeah right now the weather is not fun to dress up for. So I'm still dressing for summer but pairing it with little boots or scarf or beanie and then add a sweater/blazer/jacket if it gets chilly. As for the closet...I say looking at fashion blogs or lookbooks for inspiration on how to wear clothes you already have. I get a lot of inspiration for J.Crew or Madewell. They always use basic pieces but put them together in such stylish cool ways. and I agree with the other ladies that sifting through your stuff helps you realize that you do have a lot of cute things and especially trying things on again even if you think you know how it looks. It will help you remember why you bought it in the first place. I hope you get over this "illness"...take care!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  7. Now I suffer from "can't fit what I want to wear" in the closet syndrome. But I always seem to find something. My kids on the other hand seem to have this "Empty closet" syndrome alot! Lol I'm trying to teach them how to mix and match.

  8. Sometimes online window shopping is enough, but most of the time, I find that it isn't enough.

    Try "swapping" some items with a friend. Bring a couple skirts, tops, etc.. over to a friend of a similar size and trade out those items with some of hers. You both get an instant closet face-lift and you've spent no money! After a while, just switch back the items (or decide you love the new stuff more and keep them!)


  9. Urgh I hate the time when empty closet syndrome kicks in. Could you afford like one thrift item? When i'm suffering I buy an item from a charity shop or thrift store. No more than like £3 though, which is like $5. That usually works for me. If I really can't afford that I go through my wardrobe and start thinking of ways to mix and match.

    Hope the illness passes soon haha.

    C x

  10. Pulling clothes out of winter storage always helps me. Also going through and cleaning it out. I always forget about that one awesome t-shirt at the bottom of the pile.

  11. I feel the exact same way! I just told my hubby that I had nothing to wear and he looked at my closet and gave me an "are you serious?" look...but I was completely serious! If you figure it out, please let me know! :)

  12. ugh i know! i hate the weather right now!! i wear boots jeans and a scarf to school cause im so freezing in the morning and then in the middle of the day when i get out of school i feel stupid because its hot. haha. we could totally do a clothing swap!! and if you dont like your clothes you can always change them! i always change the sleeves on my clothes, i think it makes a big difference!

  13. I hear you loud and clear. This past month we have had to fix both of our cars and it completely cramped my plans for some fall shopping.
    This may or may not work for you, but when I have found myself suffering for your very same ailment, I have picked up the phone and called a dear friend or a sister and I simply suggest that we go "shopping" in each others closests and have a little swap. It could be temporary or not, whatever works for you. Sometimes all you need is a couple of "new" things to re-inspire you with your own stuff.

  14. Anja_AHeartandSoulStorySeptember 22, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    When it really hits me, I try to look at etsy shops. They got so many great things that are beautiful to look at. But i know can't buy them with my shipping issues to europe :P
    I do check out blogs for inspiration though, that really helps, gets me in the remix mood!

  15. i had that same problem. so i took out all of the clothes i didn't even want to look at anymore and refashioned all of them. and now, i have a new wardrobe. and whenever i don't like something i just sew it into something else.

    it is pretty refreshing, and while it takes some tie and work it is very much worth it. i bet you have an amazing wardrobe just a few stitches away :)



  16. Im having the opposite 'exploding closet syndrome"
    In Michigan its PERFECT weather for layering and oh how I love love love to layer. scarves, jackets, tanks, puppies(ok maybe not puppies). Its finally cooled off enough that Im not wearing 'bleh' tanktops and shorts every.single.day.

  17. I get empty closet syndrome from time to time too. I usually get my fix by thrifting. It's much cheaper than a balls out shopping trip but still gives me the retail therapy I need. Hope you are feeling better now :)

  18. I've been feeling exactly the same way lately. :( I think I'm going to go through my closet and take out everything I know that I'm NOT wearing and probably won't wear. I broke down and spent about $100 online at Gap the other day because they had such an awesome sale (40% sale items)... Although I did JUST notice Nicole's comment about refashioning her clothes, that's an awesome idea too!



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