Pick Up Lines

September 15, 2011

 Lace Top: Thrifted, Under T: f21, Skirt: Thrifted, Heels: Ross, Belt: Thrifted, Earrings: Vintage/Consignment
Lets have a little fun shall we? Name the best pick up line someone has used on you or that you have used on someone else ;). I'll go first, the best one to date was actually used on me just a couple of days ago (again, oh the joys of going to a religious college) this is what this suave man said to me while I was rummaging through the bookstore:

Him: "I like your pants..." (I was wearing my maroon skinnies from this post)
Me: Ummm...Thanks they're maroon (I was out of my element and tend to be rather awkward with hit-ons since I've been married for 4 years)
Him: "They match my shoes...So where are you from...Blah blah blah
Me: Trying to polite and flash my wedding ring which was unsuccessful, so I finally found what I needed and high tailed it out of there.

In conclusion friends I feel like I am a piece of meet sometimes at this school, and I am not even for sale! To all you single ladies I feel for ya and good luck, it will all be over soon!


  1. awe! it is awkward when getting hit on, isn't it!? I heard a great one on the radio (okay so I had to text the radio station to get it)... but be warned, it's lewd:

    "are you a farmer?"
    "are you sure, because you sure know how to raise cocks"

    Yeah... ;)

  2. Lovely outfit....i like your polka dots skirt and your top with those lace ditails.


  3. Love how fresh your make up is

  4. lol I was shopping at the grocery store, picking out what kind of an item to get and some dude just came up and stood super close to me, so I scooted away and apologized and he was all "oh, you're ok," and I was just like "Oh, I don't want that kind anyway." Lol So awkward. Wish I had a ring to flash so they know I was taken. I know he was hitting on me because later while looking at hair gel his friend came up to me and said, "don't pick that one" (great line, right?) and I was like ok... then he's all "my friend was to scared to ask for your number."

    Love the outfit, esp. the lace top. And how awesome it is that it's mostly thrifted! I really need to learn how to do that!

  5. This was about four years ago. I was studying in tall and glassy room on campus where you can literally hear a pin drop. Kid loudly slides a chair across the marble floor and sits down next to me. He says nothing for forever so I don't even look up from my laptop. Suddenly this is what happened.

    Him: Cool laptop skin.
    Me: (glancing at the back of my computer) Thanks.
    Him: What are you doing?
    Me: (in as bored a tone as I can muster) Homework.
    Him: Do you like board games? 'Cause my roomates and I are having a game night tonight.
    Me: My husband loves them. Me, not so much.
    Him: Oh. (A horrified look in his wide eyes) Great, well you can both come if you like.

    Then he immediately gets up and leaves. He never pulled out books. He never told me where to go for the game night. It was pretty painful, but totally laughable at the same time.

  6. this guy (not wear a shirt and bigger tots than me) goes "hey. You in the boots....I saw you at the fair" mind you I wasn't at the fair so I assured him it was not me. He goes "well I've seen you around a lot" I assure him again that I haven't been around like he said....then he goes " well I've been seeing you" we continue to argue about him 'seeing me' then he goes "so can I have your number?" I told him I had a bf and that he's the real jealous type (when in doubt lie) then he goes "ahhh shit happens" then he continued to walk behind me as I wen to my car.
    so awkward.

  7. I'm married too and totally feel awkward when things like this happen on campus. For example, I was running at the indoor track and this guy came up to talk to me and I was even pushing my 3 month old in his stroller! But hey, I guess we should still feel pretty good that men still try, even when we're taken:)

  8. TWICE, TWICE I have been asked 'Your mama got a booty like that?' they were not talking about my shoes.
    I don't understand this question because it does not have any type of appropriate answer.
    Second favorite one (while I was walking the dog), 'So... Your doggy got a daddy?'
    I am not married but I am also not single. I do not understand what prompts men to walk up to complete strangers and ask questions like this.

  9. The creepiest one I've ever gotten: A man who looked to be about twice my age stopped me at Barnes and Noble (in the children's section no less!) to tell me I looked like an angel with ribbon candy hair. I was like "um. thank you?" and high tailed it outta there asap! My curly hair invites a lot of strange comments, but this was by far the weirdest!

  10. AHHH! Such a classy look ! Love it. you look beautiful!



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