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October 28, 2011

We all know that I am an extreme Pinterest enthusiast, so I thought I would share the wealth and show you guys some things I found this past week that either inspired me or made me smile:

Oh Pinterest, how did we get along without you?! I think the reason I love it so much is because there are so many things out there to inspire and invigorate me found on Pinterest. It's like a creativity facelift. Pinned anything great lately? Ps: thank you so much for your wonderful comments in my last post, sure did make my day. Love you guys! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Do something fun for me I'll be cramming for midterms!


  1. oh that first quote is fantastic.

    the kate spade iphone case makes me smile :)

    november 11th is my mom's and my sister's birthday! :) And there will be two 11:11's that day!!! TWO EPIC WISHES are possible :)

  2. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing and now I'm following you on pinterest too :) My fav, by far, is the lionel post - i couldn't stop laughing! if i had seen that out & about in real life...i might have peed my pants, hahaha!


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