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October 6, 2011

Dress: Old Navy, Cardi: Target, Leggings: f21, Sandals: Target, Necklace: Kohls, Earrings: Kohls?

I saw this on cute little Katie's blog and it intrigued me! You know more about me than I know about you. This seems like a total one sided friendship right? How selfish and rude of me. I want to know about you so leave a comment telling me ANYTHING about yourself! It could be:
~How old are you?
~Where do you live?
~Are you a soda drinker?
~What's your favorite trend for fall?
~Fave TV show?
Really anything and everything I want to get to know you guys better, since we're all friends here. Sure can't wait to read your responses! Loves

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  1. this is a cute idea! I live in Washington State where it is raining today! :) My favorite fall trend? BOOTS! and I am obsessed with Diet Vanilla Pepsi! :)

    now I am ready to read other responses too...:)

  2. I like this!!
    I'm 21 (birthday this month yay!)
    I love fancy coats and scarves for fall,
    I'm in gradschool and I live in NYC,
    And I love blogging too :)

    Ya I want to hear about others too, great idea!!

  3. hi! i don't think i've ever commented, but you're in my rss feed. i should probably start commenting on all the blogs i read. you bloggers like that, right?

    aaaanyway, i'm 23 and i live in SC. i hate soda, because carbonation hurts. i don't have a favorite trend for fall. i'm not even sure what trends there are for fall. don't we all wear boots and scarves and tights every year? :) and i'm currently obsessed with pretty little liars... it's so intense!

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  5. I love those shoes. I have trouble finding flats that are cute and semi-comfortable

  6. I was a soda drinker. Trying to quit. I learned that it is one of the most horrible things you can put in your body, not because of the caffiene but because of the caramel coloring. Sticking to coffee these days. I love those little cans of Seattle Best iced coffee.

    P.S. Your nails are swesome.

  7. I LOVE this! Totally using this idea for my blog =)

    I'm 26, live in DE. I'm a soda drinker (trying to quit!) and I'm not sure if it's a trend, but I love my boots for fall


  8. I live in Oregon...hello, rain! I am loving boots and tights with dresses. I might change my mind when it gets colder, but for now, yep I'm lovin' it! :) Lets see...I have been married to my hubby for 7 years. I am going to Paris for my 30th birthday in January and I can't wait!! :)

  9. I'm 25, in Kentucky. I'm an iced tea girl (but sometimes I get a Root Beer with my pizza). I love the colored pants that are EVERYWHERE this fall.
    BF and I are obsessed with Modern Family & Community.

  10. well, i love this look. i've been totally obsessed with the color mustard yellow. it's looking great on you!

    I'm 19 and LOVE DIET COKE...haha but your so sweet

    kisses from kaitlin

  11. We are totally already kinda BFF's but here's a few things:
    TV~ SYTYCD, dancing with the stars, and (gulp) the Bachelor.
    Age~Older than yooooooou.;)
    Trend for fall~ Orange and peter pan collars

  12. ~How old are you? 27
    ~Where do you live? Kansas City, MO
    ~Are you a soda drinker? Yes, I love Wild Cherry Pepsi!
    ~What's your favorite trend for fall? Boots and scarves
    ~Fave TV show? The Sing Off and Desperate Housewives

    BTW, LOVE all the colors in your outfit!!

  13. Agree - cute idea! Maybe I'll put it on my blog? (except I have not so many readers!) I love the patterns in this dress as your OOTD!

    You asked the following: ~How old are you? I'm 48.

    ~Where do you live? He - I call myself a Jersey Girl currently in exile. Am in the process of moving and trying to find a way back to the states and communities that I am more emotionally comfortable in. Do you have places like that? Do you live in someplace like that?

    ~Are you a soda drinker? I'm more particular for coffee, but Coca-Cola every now and then, especially w/ something spicy ...

    ~Fave TV show? In general, I hit two genres: classics, like Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford ; and something drama-laden, like Grey's Anatomy.

  14. Talley -- me too w/ P L L! I have to say, tho, the books were better - yet they were also darker, in some spots, and did have some more tragedy than the tv series. I bought a four-volume-in-a-box of the first four Sara Shepherd wrote.

  15. LOVE the red patterned dress (is it polka dots? is it leopard-ish print? oh knows, but i adore it) with the mustard cardigan. perfect :)

    you're so cute to want to get to know your readers better :) I'm 23...hitched...we have 1.5 kids (bun in the oven!)...i love watching modern family, the office, and extreme makeover: home edition with my hubs...and I'm originally from WA state, so i'm SOAKING UP the rain we've had :)

    Happy Friday Eve Morgan!


  16. haha...fun idea! I'll play along!

    I'm 31, live in the bay area and am a rock star when it comes to SKee ball. Seriously, it's freakish how good I am if I'm on my game! =)

  17. Hi, I'm Cait. I have a blog and a dog and I'm kind of obsessed with milkshakes at the moment.

  18. you look great, as always!!

    and what a fun idea :)
    i'm 24.
    from georgia.
    i like diet dr. pepper (really coke is my fave, but i pretend to like diet dr. pepper best bc theres no calories).
    and im loving blazers, stripes and lace!

  19. Love this outfit!!

    I'm 22- Turning 23 this month Whoop whoop
    I live in NC
    I do drink a Sundrop every once in a while
    I'm OBSESSED with skinny jeans, boots, & Cardigans
    Greys Anatomy is my fav!

    ps Come by my blog on Monday I having a #BirthdayBashGiveaway!!! :)

  20. I'm 26
    I live in West Michigan very near Lake Michigan. You should see it sometime. Its the best.
    I studied the effects of Aspartame in college. I haven't had any soda, especially diet since.
    I'm obsessed with tall boots and scarves(like every day).
    I watch a lot of Psych and I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit I'm a Gleek

  21. Reading in Chicago. I'm the mom of a 1 yr old who is not fond of my thrift excursions. #meanbaby

    Great blog!

  22. Love the pattern on your dress/tunic!

    I just turned 33 at the end of September.
    No soda for me, unless my Hubby tempts me with his Coca-Cola or Root Beer.
    I consider myself from Oregon, but was born in Texas.
    Currently watching Dexter, Mad Men and the New Girl (love Zooey Deschanel).
    This fall I've got my eye on everything with leather patch details (elbows, pockets, sleeves)!
    I'm a freelance graphic designer and a mom to a two year old.

  23. Here goes my response. I'm 21, I live in Leeds in Britain, but I was born in London and I AM a london girl, accent and all. I hate soda and I love anything 60s, 70s style for the autumn/winter season this year. I am obsessed with Mad Men.

    C x
    I've got a gem of a giveaway: http://memiorsofalittlethingcalledlife.blogspot.com/2011/10/win-gem-of-giveaway.html

  24. cute survey! im in a hurry but ill answer the ones i remem seeing lol im 24, i live in miami and i loveee the color of red wine for fall :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  25. love this :)
    ~ I'm 24
    ~ I live in Seattle!
    ~ I love Talking Rain (is that soda) and occasionally I need a diet coke to get me through a rough day... but otherwise no
    ~ My favorite fall trend are maxi and midi skirts! Love this feminine look
    ~ Modern Family CRACKS me up but I'm also a Project Runway junkie.

  26. This is cute!
    I was a little reluctant to comment bc I'm the oldest, really oldest one here. Anyways I said, here it goes....

    ~ 35
    ~ Atlanat, Ga
    ~ No soda for me, ever! (Think this is why I don't look my age, seriously.
    ~ Scarfs,scarfs and more scarfs! Tall boots and anything burnt orange!
    ~ The Middle right now.

  27. I loved doing this on my blog too!
    I'm 29, living in Draper, drink my body weight in Diet Coke everyday, favorite fall trend is scarves, and I love Teen Mom, Yep 29 and still love reality tv

  28. My favorite soda is diet pepsi with lime. I can't drink it much though cause I'm still nursing my 7 month old.

    Method Clothe

  29. ~How old are you? 41 next week

    ~Where do you live? Tasmania, Australia

    ~Are you a soda drinker? Nope. Coffee on the other hand.....

    ~What's your favorite trend for fall? It's Spring here..... I just want it to warm up!

    ~Fave TV show? Ummm..... Dexter?

    I'm in my 2nd year of a 3 year degree - Bachelor of Regional Resource Management, majoring in Regional Science and Natural Resource Management. I'm married, agnostic, have 3 sons, and 1 grandson.

  30. cute dress! i rarely find things at old navy that i really like but when i do i wear them to pieces..

    heres a brief bit about me:
    25 [almost 26...eek]
    living in long island, hoping to go back to maine soon
    i drink too much coffee to have time for soda
    fall fashion favs: scarves and maxi-skirts. together.
    i dont have a favorite tv show as of now..most of my shows are starting to disappoint

  31. I need to get myself a mustard cardigan! Great color.

    ~How old are you? 28
    ~Where do you live? Arlington, VA
    ~Are you a soda drinker? Rarely, though I just had one and I am regretting the bubbles
    ~What's your favorite trend for fall? Staying warm! Need to stock up on long sleeves and sweaters
    ~Fave TV show? Modern Family/Happy Endings/Sons of Anarchy/Always Sunny in Philadelphia


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