Old Navy Crushes

October 7, 2011

First it was so SO fun reading about you in my last post, thanks to all those who commented! Sure do love you guys! Well, I was shopping at good Old Navy last weekend and found a lot of  cute stuff there for great prices! I just had to share:

1. Cowl Neck Poncho
2. Textured Sweater
3. Faux Leather Moto Jacket
4. Floral Skirt
5. Sequin Striped Tee
6. Cobalt Jeggings
7. Maroon Maxi Skirt
8. Chiffon Dolman Sleeve Blouse
9. Long Sleeve Sweater Maxi Dress
10. 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

What do you guys think? Anything sticking out to ya? The awesome thing is that all of these pieces are under $50! But if you are like me just wait a couple weeks and hopefully they will discount them even more! Oh, how I love a good sale! Have a wonderful weekend friends, and feel free to mosey over to Old Navy and see if I missed anything ;). Loves.


  1. The faux leather jacket and the maroon maxi skirt are intriguing! Cute picks! ON isn't my favorite place to shop, but you can always find a few hidden gems it seems!

  2. adoring those colored denim - and i totally am crushing on ponchos! can't believe these are all Old Navy. sweetness!

  3. i have very similiar crushes! just bought that sweater (#2) in cream... looked so comfy!

  4. Great finds! I love Old Navy. I agree with you about waiting for the sale. I never buy anything full price there. It's always dirt cheap a few weeks after it comes out!

  5. Those cobalt blue skinnies are just toooo good! I soo need to get my butt over there!
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  6. Number 3 and 10 are perfect for fall! Love them<3

  7. Old Navy has been on a roll lately! I tried on 1 but had mixed feelings about it as it looked kind of unshapely on the front, from the side it surprisingly looked slimming! I have been lusting over 3, 5&6 will definitely be checked out by me very soon, and 8 looks gorgeous. I picked up one of their 'collared breezy blouses' few weeks ago and definitely recommend it for ladies looking for a cute shirt to wear with skinny jeans and boots! I sized up to achieve a flowy look :) Also if you like their Facebook page, you can print out a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon!

  8. Old Navy has great stuff. There was a long gap in which I didn't shop there, but when I went back a little while ago I was very impressed!
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  9. Skirt #4 is totally on my to buy list! I checked it out in store the other day and it is GORGEOUS! :)

  10. love number 7!!

    <3 steffy

  11. I love number 6 in red. I saw them in the store. I've tried many skinny jeans and they don't look good on me. :(

    Method Clothe

  12. LOVE the flower skirt and the blouse!! old navy has some amazing prices too!!


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