November 17, 2011

 I know...Where the crap have I been? Have I been walking around naked...I mean that's what I would think if a fashion blogger wasn't blogging. Well a lot has been going on...Before you get ahead of yourself NO I am not pregnant although I am probably just as exhausted as a pregnant lady (spoken from a non pregnant lady which holds no merit). I just wanted to let you guys know what life has been like for me and just what I have been up to:
  • Lately school has been my life, like just picture me with a Siamese twin that isn't a human rather a huge 8 story building strapped to my back and sucking the life out of me. Right now I have school Monday-Wednesday, and the projects have been flowing so I am at school up to 10 hours a day on those days.
  • I swear I am still wearing cute outfits, but ever since school has been a huge life sucking leech I don't get home until the sun has gone down, therefor can't take pics. I could do self pics but we all know what we think about those!
  • I have been super frustrated with my camera lately...The point and shoot just hasn't been cuttin it. I need a dslr with a remote like the deserts need the rain friends. I mean that would really solve all of my problems right...? A letter to Santa is already in the works. 
  • Lastly all in all I am super happy right now, I have a lot to be happy (cue the thankful...tis the season!) about even though things are crazy! The end of the semester is right around the corner, and a feeling of success and self gratification is within my reach...I just have to battle 2 huge color boards, 1 drafting final project (drafting...EWW! It's a four letter word in my book!), 3 tests, and 2 papers to get there! 
Just know that even though I am not around as much as l would like to at this crazy time, I am always thinking about ya and this silly little blog. If that doesn't cut it just picture me in a fab outfit with a beehive and that should get ya through! Love you!

ps: The winner of the Brideblu giveaway never contacted me so the new winner is... #71!
Meredith from Your's Mine and Ours!!! Holy cow girl you win everything! Go you! Email me at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com to claim your prize!

pps: The winner of the Capernaum giveaway is...#4
Melanie from Bear Rabbit! Congrats girl! Email me at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com


  1. you're alive!!! loved hearing that you are doing well, just keeping busy!!! <3 you. :)

  2. I love your quote! I just pinned it! :)


  3. glad to hear youre alive :) i can totally relate, my point & shoot has been a major disapointment lately. and my letter to santa is signed, sealed and delivered... crossing my fingers!

  4. Good luck with school! I just found out I'm pregnant, and finishing a semester.

  5. Your blog inspiring me!!!! :)
    And.. my name is Virginia :)
    I really love your blog!
    Happy weekend!


  6. Hope you can hang in there friend! The finish line is so close. Best of luck with it all!! ;)

  7. woo hoo!! A win by default is good enough for me:) yay!!!!

  8. hahaha, obviously you are walking around naked if you aren't blogging.
    I feel you on the projects, finishing up my first semester of grad school & all the papers and projects are suddenly due! Goodluck with everything!

    Check out my blog & giveaway at:

  9. you are soo cute!!! hang in there girl!!

  10. Love this! Your blog is so so great, I have to remember to come over and link up, I am a thrifting freakaholic! I would love to share what I'm up to during the week with my thrifting, I'm just not great at taking pictures!


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