Peer Review Woes

November 7, 2011

Top: Old Navy, Jeggings: Kohls, Boots: Blowfish, Bag: Thrifted, Watch: Kohls, Necklace: c/o Brideblu

Being an Interior Design student has been rough for many reasons. One of them is having to suffer through peer evaluations. Some people can just be darn right rude! Or perhaps it is that I am just to0 sensitive, we'll just deem it up to being a combination of the two...But leaning more towards the people are just rude side ;). Let me give you an example, we had to do a presentation a couple weeks back on a certain career field within interior design where our peers evaluated us on lots of different categories like: if we looked professional, if we said "umm" too much, or if we made eye contact with our audience. Well to my astonishment a couple people in my class docked me points for my outfit choice! We were suppose to dress professionally not I work in Washington D.C. and I am to confine within the all navy or all black pant suit. What was going through my head was naturally I wanted to look cute, public speaking is not my forte in the least so I thought dressing cute would help me feel good. What I wore was a black circle skirt-knee length with a leopard backwards cardi, tan jacket, and black patent kitten heels. Now to me that screams creative professional right? I mean come on we are in a creative major, and where does it say that dressing professional means that you can't be fashionable? (Now can't you see where the sensitivity comes into play)?! Maybe I should just go with the saying, "haters goin' hate" to make myself feel better.

What do you guys think? Professional? Not? Ever had to deal with peer reviews yourself? Any tips of advice for growing a thick skin other than to refrain from exfoliating ;)? Love love you guys!

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  1. I JUST bought this top from Old Navy, and I love it! It's very comfortable, and an easy layering piece! And I am in love with your boots! :)

  2. Peer reviews are the worst/most awkward. I always ended up talking to much, and what do you really say when someone's project is just BAD?
    I can't believe they docked you points for an outfit like that. Especially in a creative field!
    I think leopard is one of the most buisness like animals, so you're probably fine. ;)

  3. Ugh...peer reviews. :P I remember dealing with those in English -- people found errors in my work that weren't really there! XD
    Your outfit sounds very cute, and professional too!(;


  4. Love your outfit here... your creative professional outfit sounds perfect... as for growing a thicker skin, hmm... I have the same issue. Im trying to toughen up a bit too - its hard.

    My best advice as cheesy as it may be - just be you... let the crabby people just be crabby, they are just jealous of your happiness :)

  5. That sounds like a silly thing for them to dock points on...which means (to me) they couldn't find much else wrong with your presentation and were searching for something (anything). Hence, you did GREAT.

    I work in an office where business dress is required and I try for the creative professional look often. I say keep being yourself. No black suits. Ick!

  6. Love the leopard print top girly! So cute :)

  7. The outfit sounds totally professional to me. Especially for a creative field. Plain pant suits would me just boring, got to mix it up somehow.

    Peer reviews are scary. I think you just need to be confident that you did your best and realize not everyone's going to get it. Plus the more people don't like it, it's probably more cutting edge and controversial, which is better in my book.

    Love the necklace with the shirt in the pictured outfit!

  8. Totally dig the outfit, looks great.

  9. Such a cute outfit! I think your outfit for your presentation sounded like perfection... I bet people were just jealous {and I am not just saying that, I totally mean it}. Don't worry about rude comments just focus on the constructive criticism :)


  10. Beauiful as always- I love your top!

  11. I'm a graphic designer and completely take full advantage of dressing creatively in my field. Fashion is an opportunity to express oneself and if I wasn't allowed to be creative in all aspects of my job, including attire, then I would certain not feel as productive. Your review outfit sounds professional, as well as, fashionable. Sounds to me like those peers must not have been able to find flaw in your presentation and therefore arbitrarily docked points in the attire category. Way. to. go. You kicked butt!

  12. Peer review is awkward to be sure. I think that considering your field, if you were going to come in and give me a presentation about selling your line and you wore a traditional black or navy suit and didn't zazz it up some I wouldn't be inclined towards you. I think that there is a careful line between creatively professional and unprofessional that you should be careful of but don't go plan just because people didn't like it. Never is there ever something that EVERYONE likes, so just do what you are going to do with the understanding that someone will hate it, it's life

  13. I used to be an Interior Design major and I really hated presentations! I couldn't do them. I mean REALLY couldn't.
    Don't ever wear a boring black pant suit! It would make you look like you have no personal style. The whole point of designing a room is to give it personal style. If I were hiring a designer I would want someone who is flamboyant and confident in their fashion choices. I'd want my designer to have vision. Seeing a black pant suit just says they are conservative, scared to try new things and can't think outside the box. If your peers don't like it, they just have bad taste.
    Think of it like this: If you were being interviewed by a client with a group of other designers, who would they remember? A black pant suit just blends into the background. Leopard print is what they will remember!

  14. umm, hi, can i have your boots? thanks.

  15. so sorry about your review...those girls were definitely not bloggers hah! i hate the black suit or khakis and a baby-tee look that all the girls would pull off during professional dress. drove me bananas!!

  16. We have peer reviews all the time, but no-one says anything about attire - being a tiny, tiny campus, everyone is really laid back.

    I think your outfit sounds perfect.

  17. Love the outfit, but DAYUMN. Girl, you orange!

  18. I'm new to your blog but thought I could offer some advice. I'm a graphic designer so I too am a creative professional. What you described of your outfit is exactly what I would expect from a creative professional. Depending on my client, I sometimes dress more conservative but as a creative person, being creative with my clothes is part of who I am.

    About your classmates... my classes were almost always built around giving and recieving evaluations from classmates. We were actually graded on how we critiqued others. Some people are just mean and say things to make you doubt yourself. Age and experience will teach you that you have to look at what they are saying and if it is something you can learn from or if it's just them being mean. It's easier said than done but try not to take the comments personally. Try to learn from what they say and remember that you don't always have to agree with what people tell you. It's just someone's opinion. You are never going to please everyone so stay true to who you are and stay positive.

    Sorry for such a long comment. Hope it helps.


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