Turkey Nomination

November 23, 2011

Under T: Downeast, Cape: Thrifted, Jeggings: Kohls, Boots: Blowfish Shoes, Socks: Simply Vera/Kohls, Watch: Kohls, Scarf: c/o Keeping It Chic, Niki Cone Cuff Bracelet: c/o Poshlocket (Poshlocket is having a huge black friday sale going on right now! 50% OFF EVERYTHING!! Just use the code: BF11)

Guys, I just need to come out and say it...We volunteered to do the turkey this year for Thanksgiving. I don't know what I was thinking, it was like one of those times where you mouth just starts speaking without double checking with your brain first. It's the TURKEY, the main event/the big cheese/the head honcho...you get the point. I am having two emotions going on right now, one is I am freaking out stressed to the max, and the other is I am on a huge power trip (I mean hello we are cooking the turkey, which means we're a pretty big deal...right)? We went with this recipe, Anne Burrell you better come through for us or I am boycotting all of your shows and shows you may be affiliated with from henceforth. Any of you guys have any tips for us? Sure would appreciate it!

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  1. LOVE this scarf & jacket, so stinking cute!
    Also, whoa, the turkey! You are a awesome brave. I don't have any tips for you because I'm WAY to big of a chicken to volunteer anything at family gatherings (also our family gatherings are rather large so they don't need me). I think I brought a vegetable plate one time... That's all I've got up my sleeves. Good luck!

  2. Your too cute friend!! I would be hyperventilating freaking out if we have to cook the turkey. GOOD LUCK, may the bird do you guys good :) Instead we are making mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake. Easy enough for us ;)

  3. youre so cute!!! love the plaid and the mustard combo!

    <3 steffy

  4. What a great, cozy outfit! So cute and fun!


  5. You are beautiful! I love the scarf and the plaid.

  6. Love the outfit! Can I ask a personal question? How tall are you? Good luck with the turkey! :) :) I'm making rolls, pecan pie, sweet potatoes (yes they are the best!) and green bean casserole! We have a small family, that's why I'm bringing so much stuff! :) yum...

  7. i am in love with this outfit! the thrifted cape paired with that mustard scarf... perfection. have fun with your meal prep, i'm sure it will be delicious.



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