Dear Santa

December 21, 2011

I'm alive!! Finals did a number on me friends. I have been decompressing with baking goodies, retail therapy, and a Star Wars marathon (you read right a Star Wars marathon, Nate and I have watched 4/6). With all the finals stress and decompressing I have yet to write Santa a letter this year, I'm of course on the nice list.....Here is my WISH list...emphasis on the wish...
1. Clog Bootie
2. Canon Rebel
3. Kate Spade iPhone Cover (really who's list wasn't this on?)
4. Faux Fur Vest
5. Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick
6. Liquid Leggings
7. Cover for my Macbook

Some of these "wishes" might have to weight till tax return time...Really our CPA is like a second Santa! What are some of your wishes for Christmas?


  1. Funny. I wrote the exact first line on my post yesterday. Glad I'm not the only one that was absent from the blogsphere for a stint of brutal finals! Congrats and welcome back!
    p.s. hope Santa is good to you!

  2. My finals were murder too, but now I'm all graduated and happy! So glad you made it out alive too!
    I almost wish I didn't see all you amazing Christmas wishes... Now I know 7 more things I want...

    peace&love, Jill
    Help! How do I wear this?

  3. Hopefully your on the "nice" list and you get EVERYTHING! :) Wouldn't that be nice?!

  4. Great wishlist! I agree with all! Hope you have a happy Christmas!

    xo sherri

  5. i am adoring the color of the macbook cover!
    xo TJ


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