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December 8, 2011

I tried to find a picture to go with this post but ummm I got nothin'. Well so here we are...I am sick of my blog design again...Right on time, it's been three months right? I am still liking the layout, but lets get real, things are getting real boring around here. We need some color right? Some pizazz? Right? This is where you guys chime it (please??). I sure would appreciate it! What's cool with blog headers? Colors? What's the 411? What's the scuttlebug? How do you guys design your blogs?Any info? Since I am the furthest thing away from a graphic designer, I have no idea how to put together a cute catchy header. So speak up! That means you ;). Again please and thank you, really don't think I could put my pants on without you guys! Love, love, love!


  1. Haha, you're so cute! :) Honestly, I think your blog is really pretty and classy the way it is. If you're looking for a change, though, what if you went with a warmer color scheme? And maybe did the main blog title in cursive and the description in block letters?
    Another idea which I love (but takes a little more time) is having a sketch of yourself with your header. If you visit my blog you can see what I mean (and no, I'm not just trolling for more views!) If you know any artists who can draw one for you(my sister is one and she made mine), these are really unique! Kendi at Kendi Everyday got hers done by
    Sorry this is a dissertation! I'm just a fountain of ideas here. ;-)

  2. My new blog design took A LOT of trial and error. LOL. I had a few colors in mind and I spent a lot of time looking at layouts of blogs I really like. Then I made about 50 different headers until I was finally satisfied. In the end I went with simplicity -- I think my other designs were too complicated.

    Anyway, experiment with designs you like! And have fun! Your blog always looks great. ;p

  3. Your blog is a very nice professional design but I know what you mean when you want a change. There's a lot of blog designers that you could go to. One of the blog designers is:

    She does a nice job and at a decent price! Hope this helps!

  4. I am going to be scouting out your responses here-- I've been thinking the exact same thing about my blog! Only my problem is that I have no clue how to even begin to create a header. I've been playing around with using an old fashioned street sign for mine, since that goes with my blog's name. Is there anything you can do to play on your title of Meet Virginia?

    Whatever way you go, I'm sure it will be cute. Your blog always is!

  5. There are a ton of web designers on Etsy who can customize your blog. The prices are usually pretty reasonable too. I went with I loved working with her. She had me put together a Pinterest board of web elements I liked so she could understand my vision. I'm sort of HTML-challenged so it was a worthwhile investment.

  6. Hahaha I haven't changed my header in over a year! Can't wait to see what you decide on!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  7. I am really liking the hand-drawn headers. Maybe I should change mine too...

  8. I don't even have a blog to begin with, so any design you have is miles ahead of me! When designing this blog do what you do best... Be yourself. Pick things And designs that you like and that reflect who you are. It will be lovely!!!


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