Weekly Recap

April 30, 2011

So who all watched the Royal Wedding?? I however did not watch it, I like my sleep far too much to wake up that early...it just wasn't going to happen ;). Kate looked stunning though! I loved that she wore Alexander McQueen, it was a perfect match. I don't know why no one has brought this up but did the girl have a couple of ribs removed?? I have never seen a waist that small on a grown woman in my life! Not that it looks bad or anything AT ALL I was just like whoa/jealous since I have a man waist ;). I hope they live happily ever after forever and ever...it really is so romantic! Lets recap mmk?

~I went over my extreme dislike of swimsuits and trying them on.

~Things got a little more serious than normal, I wore a neutral outfit and talked about Toxic Relationships.

~Have a question you have been dying to ask me? Than ask away friends!

~Revisted Thrifting 101 with some great tips from awesome readers.

~Third times a charm right? I made The It List again and it was fun.

So that's all folks ;). Doing anything fun this weekend? MT laundry is once again wreaking havoc on my house, and I will defeat it this time! Morgan: 1, MT laundry: 2,546 ;). Have a great weekend friends, hope you all have fun! Love, lovez.

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The It List Round 3

April 29, 2011


Happy Friday!  I can't believe April is over... hopefully all this rain and storms are as well.
I am ready for some May flowers!
  • lady M is celebrating her birthday... stop by and wish her a happy day and also check out her fun wardrobe inspiration for the big day!
  • rose a la mode is sporting an adorable new floral dress... even on a chilly spring day she perfectly accessorizes it! (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • mama loves papa hosts a simply adorable little blog party for your stylish little ones - stop by to play along or just 'oooh' and 'aaah.' (find mama loves papa on twitter!)
  • meet virginia design layers gorgeous neutral pieces for an ethereal feel to this casual outfit.  These colors are so on trend right now too! (find meet virginia design on twitter!)
  • a little dash of ash has a delicious looking smoothie recipe to share with us. I always love to see what others' smoothie concoctions are - this one looks yummy and healthy! (find a little dash of ash on twitter!)
  • rebecca with an R is definitely beach ready in this gorgeous maxi dress and oversized hat - I am seriously loving this outfit! (find rebecca with an R on twitter!)
  • sweetie pie style is looking gorgeous in this drapey feather printed dress - it's just her style! (find sweetie pie style on twitter!)
  • baby shopaholic had this super sweet little doll custom made for her daughter for Easter.  What a fun keepsake and toy for a little one, my daughter would love this!
  • the capital barbie is giving away sassy shoe themed note cards on her blog this week - you must stop by and enter quickly! (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • good tots features the artwork of modern pops - these bold graphic prints make for great nursery artwork!
  • the stylish housewife sports a floppy sun hat and a chevron dress, quite possibly the most perfect summer combo ever. I am in love with this look! (find the stylish housewife on twitter!)
  • good clean fun made these margarita flavored cupcakes for Easter - but I think they would be perfect for any summer day! Yum! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • a spot of whimsy is sick of the rain... and quite frankly, aren't we all!?!? But rain never looked this good before... I promise! (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • good life for less has a casual but chic outfit for Easter.  Check it out! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by jill of good life for less - check out how you can be involved here!

Jill! Thanks so much for featuring my lil ol' blog again! Hope you aren't sick of me yet ;). You guys have any fun plans for this weekend? As of right now all I have is my FIL bday dinner and the Red Lobster, and you best be thinking I am going to stuff my face with cheese biscuits till I pass out! Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend! Love, lovez.

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Thrifting 101 {Cont.}

April 28, 2011

Guys Thrifting 101 was awesome, I am super glad it helped some of you guys out! I had some fabulous readers comment about some additional tips that I failed to mention, and thought I would pass them on to you guys!

Laura Lynn said: I would also add to take advantage of the thrift shop's sales - like the Sal Val's 50% off day and Goodwill's frequent shopper card. (The Goodwill even has a return policy.) And then just have FUN!

{Sooo sad that we have hardly any Goodwill's or Salvation Army's by me :(. But I do know that the store: Thrifttown by brickyard has sales ALL the time, and they offer coupons!!}
Sarah said: Another tip I have is to wear comfy clothes...for some reason it makes a huge difference for me. 

{Really I think this applies to life in general but that's just me ;). Being comfy is always a plus when your are digging for thrifted treasure!!}

Melissa said: Another thrifty tip is go outside of your "designated area". Look in boys, little girls, mens. You can usually find a gem may fit or that's miscategorized! 

{Ok I am just going to flat out say it: Melissa is my thrifting icon, LOVE her!! I have never thought of this before, I think it's totally genius! Thx girl!} 

Thanks so much for all your help guys! Have anymore tips that you think we have missed let me know. Good luck friends, and Happy Thrifting! Love, love.

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F.A.Q. Session

April 27, 2011

{Floral Top: Thrifted, Cardi: Macy's, Cami: Target, Black Jeggins: Kohls, Burlap Keds: Thrifted, Belt: Kohls, Earrings: Charlotte Russe, Super Bun ala Carrie Bradshaw: By Me (Should I do a how to video?? Wouldn't you love to hear me on video, and see my awkwardness manifested on tape?? Its an idea friends so let me know if you're interested ;).}

Guys thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my previous posts this week! They have really helped me out and warmed my heart.
So lets give back shall we? Ever since the dawn of M.V.D. I have been, well lets say not the best at answering all of your wonderful questions. So if you have a question to ask me now is the time to voice it my friends! Leave me a comment with something you have been wondering about me/my life/this blog/or the wonders of the universe and I will answer it in a post next week to the best of my abilities.
Questions can range from: What color is your hair naturally? What thrift stores do you shop at? To the ever so popular: Where do you find all of your coupons on clothes? Nothing is too personal...well except perhaps my weight (lets just not go there, its a touchy subject as of late ;)). So let um' rip ladies...and by rip and mean ask me questions, not the bodily function ;)...Well I mean if you are in the privacy of your own home than by all means ;). Thanks again friends! Love, love

ps: You should really take a look at this ;):

Toxic Relationships

April 26, 2011

{Lace Top: Kohls, Under T: F21, Cardi: Old Navy, Black Jeggings: Kohls, Nude Wedge Platforms: Plato's Closet, Necklace: AE}

{WARNING: This post may get a little serious but it has been on my mind so here we go!}

I have been thinking a lot lately about certain people in my life that are just plain toxic. We all know the ones they are: selfish, inconsiderate, and prideful. They can be a family member, a friend, co-worker, really the list could go on and on and I'm sure you get the point ;). I have had this song in my head for weeks now, it so eloquently sums up my feelings better than I could:

The Rocket Summer
"They're building you up to tear you down,
They won't admit it but it's true.
Their smile and advice to end with your frown,
'cause they don't want what's best for you.
It's sad I know, I know....

"....And I'm not saying that I'm any better than you.
Sometimes I have motives that are just so stupid and I play the fool.
But man, you're killing me
The charade has got to end,
So stop acting like you know everything,
Because you're missing the point,
You are supposed to be my friend..."

Now I am in no way saying that I am Ms Paulie Perfect, I have plenty of issues that I need to work on myself. But if you are considered more than an acquaintance to me I am always loyal, and am there for you no matter what. It's hard when people who you thought were there for you really aren't, and treat you like you are a doormat they can whip their feet on whenever they please. A friendship or relationship isn't defined by or based on: what the other person can do for me. It's about what you can do, and the happiness you bring to each other. 
I have come to the realization that I am an adult now, I don't have to let people kick me around just for the sake of having people in my life, nor do I need to be in a friendship or relationship that is one-sided. There are plenty of people out there to surround myself with (or plenty of fish in the friendly sea right? ;)). I don't need to associate myself with pettiness and neither do I need to be petty about the situation. It's just a matter of life really, people come and go in life, and some exit gracefully and some exit by slamming the door in your face.
I have talked over and over with hubby about this, and he has given me such great counsel. He said that being the bigger person in the situation doesn't mean that you need to associate with that person any further. Don't go out of your way to be kind, but when the situation arises where you need to interact with that person you do so in a polite way without putting yourself out there to be vulnerable. Also he has drilled this into my brain just forgive and and let it go, dwelling on the problem only hurts me. Wise man that hubby is. It was somewhat of a relief when he told me this, I was constantly putting myself out there after being kicked around, and where did that get me?...Being kicked around all over again.  Very vicious cycle!
I've decided to do away with toxic relationships in my life, and I have never felt better. Sure I will be pleasant from afar, but won't put myself out there, and nor do I hold ill feelings towards anyone. It feels great to stick up for myself and keep it real at the same time.

Hope this little snippet was helpful to you. It has been weighing on my mind for some time, and I felt the need to share with you, if it only helped one of ya'll then I did my job ;). Thanks so much for all your love everyday friends, I will continue to say it over and over again that you all are THE best! Keeps it real mmk? Love, lovez.

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Boo You Swimsuits

April 25, 2011

{Polka Dot Dress: Thrifted (This was my Easter dress ps!), Cardi: Old Navy, Under T: F21, Wedges: Kohls, Clear Bauble Necklace: Kohls}.

Guys let me preface before diving into my loathing post of swimsuits, I am NOT looking for compliments or hand outs of: Oh no you're so skinny and so on...But if you feel so inclined by all means ;).

I mentioned on twitter that I went out swimsuit shopping this weekend, since hubby and I just booked a trip for our anniversary next month so natch I want to look cute. I grabbed a couple of bottoms (I tend to like to wear short bottoms to cover my behind) and went to try them on. By the way isn't trying on swimsuit bottoms THE worst? I cringe to be honest at thinking of what was in there before slipping them on. So there I was, I pulled on the short bottoms and I was floored...I immediately had two huge reality checks and they were my left and right thighs! Honestly? They look like dimply stuffed sausages, I wanted to throw up right then and there. Why is swimsuit trying on so torturous??
From hence forth I have vowed to get in shape asap! Do you guys know of any diet and/or exercise programs that could get me in super shape in 1 month? You would not know how much I would appreciate it, I am desperate!
Darn you swimsuits...Right??  It was an eye opener for sure! I suppose I need to look on the bright side because now I can do something about it and look great for my man! Thanks in advance for all the help you guys, seriously I need it and I don't know what I would do without you!! Love, love you!

ps: enter, Enter, ENTER...

May Sponsorship Opportunities

April 25, 2011

I have a couple more spots open for sponsorship ads, and a couple of dates still available for giveaways in the month of May!

My sponsorships cater to Photographers, Etsy shop owners, Boutique owners, Bloggers, really anything and everything! I offer low monthly rates and a variety of opportunities to maximize your exposure.

Click HERE for details and email me at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com for information. Hurry! Spots are going like hot cakes! Can't wait to hear from you. Love, love.

The It Factor...?

April 22, 2011

I suppose Jill couldn't get enough of me last week, she will be featuring M.V.D. for the next couple weeks!! Does that mean I have the "IT" factor?? Or maybe I am almost on the same street as the "IT" factor ballpark...Yeah your right totally the latter ;). Also check out Rebecca with an R we're bloggy bff's....whether she likes it or not ;).


Happy Friday ladies... I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend, whatever it brings to you.  
"Hop" on over to these fab blogs for plenty of spring inspiration!
  • strong sense of style gives color blocking a try... it's so fun and easy!  And really? What feels more properly spring than pink and green together?
  • a spot of whimsy has some fabulous eye-candy from the movie Water for Elephants.  Please tell me you have read this book... if not, do it stat, the movie opens this weekend and it looks to be amazing! (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • thought and musing wears a simple and elegant maxi skirt for some wine tasting... a perfect outfit for what looked to be the perfect day!
  • good clean fun shares her favorite childhood cupcake recipe... angel food cake with strawberry frosting.  These look SO good and definitely what childhood memories are made of! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • the capital barbie finds some fun accessories with bold angles... this bracelet stood out as a favorite for me.  Pop on over and see her other finds! (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • good tots rounds up maternity poolside looks for summer, including this adorable peach polka dotted maternity swimsuit!
  • rose a la mode sports this fun yellow and white striped dress and seriously has me craving more stripes. Is that possible? (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • a spoonful of dish reminds me that flowers never disappoint in the inspiration department. Just looking at them I can feel that summer is closer!
  • a little dash of ash will brighten your day with some good old fashion gorgeous guys.  Good looks never get old (sigh). (find a little dash of ash on twitter!)
  • lady m says what we are all thinking lately: we can't get enough of Zara.  Check out the inspiration and some of their (very interesting) backstory over at her blog!
  • meet virginia design is sure to put some spring pep in your step with this fun mix of bold colors and florals.  This outfit just screams sunshine! (find meet virginia design on twitter!)
  • mama loves papa's daughter is quite the fashion prodigy!  Just look at these adorable items she (or her mama, either/or) picked out for herself! (find mama loves papa on twitter!)
  • rebecca with an r proves that blazers never, ever get old... at least in my book!  I just love the simple sophistication of this look! (find rebecca with an r on twitter!)
  • good life for less is color crushing on purple + blue + white for spring. It's such a simple color combo - check out her looks! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the it list is produced each week by jill of good life for less... click here for information on how you can be involved!

Whelp the weekend is a upon us once again my friends! Anyone have any great plans that I can live vicariously through?

Guess what yesterday I finally used my fancy makeup gift card! This is what I scored: 1 Bare Mineral Foundation, Nars Blush in Orgasm (That won by a landslide this stuff must be be like manna from heaven!), 1 Smashbox Concealer, 1 Bare Mineral Primer Tube, and 1 Bare Mineral Brush. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time! What if I become hooked friends?? There are no coupons on this kind of stuff!!
I am super pumped for Easter weekend though! Can't wait to spend time with friends and family, wear a pretty dress, eat chocolate covered pastel candies, and reflect about the resurrection of my Savior. It will be a wonderful day! Hope you all have a great weekend! Love, lovez.

ps: Lets enter shall we?

I Swear

April 21, 2011

Guys I swear that this isn't going to be a trend! I DO NOT have a post for today...Well this really is just a pseudo-post so it doesn't count. I have decided to just take a bloggy day off. My real job work has been piling up, I want to run and use my awesome Fancy Makeup G.C. and I have been a horrible blogger lately I haven't commented/emailed back in days!! I need to take some of my own advice really...Boo me. So I will still be around, and you will hopefully be receiving some very much overdo comment backs and emails. Please say we can still be friends ;)... k? Love, lovez.

ps: Like all my links? That may or may not have been on purpose...;) very sneaky says I ;).

pps: I can't believe we haven't talked about this yet! Do you pinterest? Because I do! I haven't let myself become fully engulfed with it though since I know I could be easily addicted! Lets be friends! I'm over {HERE}.

ppps: Hop to it mmk?

The Imaginary Post

April 20, 2011

{Floral Top: Thrifted, Cardi: Target, Black Jeggings: Kohls, Earrings: Charlotte Russe, Platforms: c/o Blowfish Shoes}

Guys I could not for the life of me come up with an awesome topic for today's post. So we are going to do a little exercise...Everyone close your eyes...Or rather leave one open so you can read this ;)....Ok imagine the post of all posts....It's full of witty comedic remarks, some uplifting words were said, some amazing wisdom was bestowed upon you, and you are left in awe by it's awesomeness...Now open your eyes....Or rather your eye ;)....Don't you just feel so fulfilled? Or are you left wanting more ;)? That imaginary post, lets go ahead and count it as today's post mmk?
Love you guys serious thanks for putting up with my crazy antics ;). I'm off to brainstorm blog topics so this doesn't happen in the future....As fun and humorous as this was, it was sort of a cop-out...I must admit I have been struggling with blogger's block lately but will not let it defeat me! (Watch out its highly contagious;))! Love, love friends.

ps: Hurry and enter would ya? It's fun ;)!

Scenes: My Bday & The Weekend

April 19, 2011

Guys I have failed to mention what a lovely birthday I had last week. Thank you all so much for the wonderful bday wishes, they completely made my day. Here are some scenes from my special day:
{Floral Top: Gift, Black Jeggings: Kohls, Boots: Old Navy (super old), Coral Necklace: Vintage/Gift, Purse: Coach Outlet/Gift}

If you live in or near SLC you have got to try Eggs in the City. We went there for breakfast and it was so fun. It had that kind of super cool indie vibe, I felt cooler just sitting there. And the owner gave me a free dessert for my bday!!

After we had breakfast we went and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (which is hilar by the way!!) then we were off to spend some moolah! I of course checked the clearance sections, and tweeted about these amazing coral heels...Sadly they did not come home with me :(. All in all I had a wonderful day, I mean how can you go wrong with hubby having the whole day off, shopping, eating, and movie watching??
I also had the opportunity to attend my first blogger meet up this past weekend, which was a total blast! I don't even think I was that awkward...But I was a horrible blogger I didn't take any pics so all of these are stolen from Lizzie!
{Hostesses: Diana and Lizzie}
{UH-MAZING food! Guys who made those layered brownies they were so good! I've been craving one ever since!}
{L-R: ME, Ana, Sophie (Umm would you guys consider making me an honorary sister?? That'd be great ;) LOVEZ), Katherine, Lizzie}

 Umm I look like butt in this pic but everyone else looks hottt! Therefor I took one for the team ladies! Poor Ana too she got in a wreck on the way down!! I felt so so bad!! But isn't her skirt the cutest thing ever??!! She told me she thrifted it for like 2 bucks!!

{Salmon Blazer: Thrifted, White T: F21, Black Jeggins: Kohls, Nude Wedges: Plato's Closet, Black Patent Shoulder Bag: Thrifted}

I think these last pics describe the mood of the whole meet up, FUN!! It was awesome to talk about blogging and have someone acutally understand what the heck you are talking about. I met and made some amazing friends as well, I honestly don't know what I was so scared about in the first place, I'm a baby! Also I won one of Diana's amazing prints from the raffle, I have been coveting several for weeks now! For sure check out her shop it is too stinking cute!

I had such a great time! Thanks again Diana and Lizzie for making it all happen, I look forward to many of fun get togethers in the future! Love, love.

ps: Have you entered yet?

Apothica Giveaway & Review {CLOSED}

April 18, 2011

Hey Friends!! I have another wonderful giveaway for you guys, but how about we give a little background first, shall we?
Apothica is an online beauty boutique, that carries the finest selection of: hair care, skin care, aromatherapy, and cosmetic products. They offer a wide variety of cosmetic products from Clinique to Smashbox. Apothica is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality in products, they've got your back for sure!
The recently sent me a PMD Personal Microderm to review...Apparently I am looking really wrinkley and old these days ;) jk ;). The PMD is an at home microdermabrasion system that works just as well as any professional system but without the high price.
I have used it only couple of times since receiving it, I would have done it more but according to the booklet you are only suppose to use it once a week. I use it more for acne scars and sun spots since I don't have many wrinkles....Yet that is ;). I have noticed such a difference since using it some of my acne scars have faded and my skin feels like buttah friends, serious it's so soft! Love it!

Apothica is so graciously offered on lucky M.V.D. Reader a:
$50 Gift Certificate!!!
{You can use this in their store if you live in Utah or online @ Apothica.com on anything from fancy makeup to haircare!!}

I know right you wanna win..so do I ;).

Here is how to enter and WIN!!

Hop on over to Apothica 
and come back and leave a comment
letting me know what you would get if you won

Bonus Entries:
Follow M.V.D. 
{Leave a comment letting me know (1 entry)}
Follow Apothica on Twitter
{Leave a comment letting me know (1 entry)}
{Leave a comment letting me know (1 entry)}
Blog, Tweet, Facebook about the giveaway or Apothica
{Leave a comment with the link about the giveaway (1 entry for each and can be done daily, make sure you leave separate comments each time you blog, tweet, or FB about this giveaway)}

Remember to leave separate comments for each entry you take part in.

The giveaway will be open until Monday May 2nd @ 12:00AM.

Good luck as always guys and may the best person win ;)!!

Love ,love.

Winner Of Blowfish Shoes Giveaway!!

April 17, 2011

Dying to know if you won THE amazing Garren Platforms from Blowfish Shoes?? I am too so lets get to it!

The winner is......

Katie from Fashion Frugality!!
Katie email me at Morgan@meetvirginiadesign.com to claim your prize girl within 48 hours, or another winner will be picked.

Congrats Katie! Thanks to all those who entered and for Blowfish Shoes for offering such an amazing giveaway!!

Didn't win? Hop on over to Blowfish Shoes and just treat yourself to a pair of platforms! Hurry they are on sale and sizes are running out quick ladies!

Thanks again! Love, love.

Weekly Recap

April 16, 2011

{DYING for a snow cone right now!!}

Guys has it, or has it not been a crazy week? I swear I haven't had time to even catch my breath this week...and yet I don't feel like I accomplished very much...Hate that when that happens! Lets do a wee little recap shmecap mmk?

~I had a super big surprise for you guys: A chance to win a pair of Blowfish Shoes Platforms! (psst, it's still going on until midnight tonight so hop to it!!)

~I participated in my very first EBEW, and needed some Makeup Help.

~It was birthday!! (Yes I am still taking any and all birthday wishes...and of course presents :)). We celebrated by showing some Birthday Month Love.

~Class was in session for Thrifting 101.

~I made The "It" List, and guest posted for the lovely Anna from IHOD...and it was awesome!

Guys I wish that I could say that I have awesome ridiculous plans for this weekend...but sadly I do not. The plan is to organize our basement...it's not a glamorous job...and someone has to do it....I wish that someone wasn't me ;). Hope you guys have a super duper weekend though! Please have some fun for me mmk?? Love, love.


The It List and Guest Post

April 15, 2011

Guess what!! My Thrifting Tips made it on: The It List for this week!! Yahoo!! I feel super famous now :)!


Happy Friday folks!  Take some time to enjoy these great blogs today!

  • good tots is loving this sequined maternity top - so cute!  Check out this sparkly number is a fun maternity outfit!
  • sweetie pie style is crushing on Sam Edelman shoes - check out all of her great outfit inspiration. I am loving these animal print wedges the best! (find sweetie pie style on twitter!)
  • a spot of whimsy brings us bold and brilliant photos of the tulip fields in Holland. If you have never seen these photos before you must check them out, and if you have - well it never hurts to see them again (and again!).  (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • thought and musing has the perfect tourist outfit... a gorgeous maxi skirt, layers and a scarf!  Perfect for travel wear - and so chic!
  • strong sense of style is loving the bohemian look of kimono style jackets for spring and summer.  Wow - these are just gorgeous!
  • good clean fun always has my mouth watering... these lemon yogurt muffins are no exception! These would be perfect to serve for Easter brunch! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • the capital barbie features graphic footwear. These black and gold wedges are GORGEOUS! Wow! (find capital barbie on twitter!)
  • one hundred inspirations features this Kristen Cavallari outfit that has me craving boots and right before summer even!  
  • a little dash of ash has me wanting a 'relaxation room' in my house - forget "man caves", "mom-caves" or "mud rooms".  I need a relaxation room! (find a little dash of ash on twitter!)
  • rose a la mode has me swooning for this maxi dress, I absolutely love how she styled it.  So effortless and beautiful! (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • mama loves papa looks dashing in this graphic sun dress. I love fun patterns for warmer temps and this dress doesn't disappoint. (find mama loves papa on twitter!)
  • meet virginia design has tips and tricks on thrifting. I especially loved this post because I never seem to have much luck snagging the good deals! (find meet virginia design on twitter!)
  • a spoonful of dish introduces us to the most gorgeous laptop bag - ever.  Totally agreed - my laptop would be very happy in this bag!
  • good life for less has teamed up with JCPenney, stop by to create Easter inspired outfits using pieces from JCP for a chance to win a $50 gift card!  How fun! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by Jill of good life for less - click here for information on how you can be involved!

Also you can find me guest posting for the amazing Anna from IHOD today. Be sure and check that out, and see her new little bundle of joy she is darling!! TGIF friends! Have a great one! Love, love.

ps: You're running out of time friends!! Hurry and enter ;)!

Thrifting 101

April 14, 2011

Since my blogger tips went so well, and hopefully helped a couple of you guys out I thought I would do some thrifting 101 tips. I get comments and emails from time to time from people who say they are scared to go thrifting. Lets face it, thrifting can be kind of intimidating I mean the stuff is used and you don't know what may be embedded in the fibers of all those miscellaneous items of clothing. So do not fear thrifting novices I am here to calm your nerves! Here are some guidelines that I like to follow while thrifting:

1. Have an open mind:
Have current trends in mind while you are thrifting. Since fashion is constantly recycling itself you can usually always find something that is older or considered vintage, that would be in style currently. Here are some examples of just that, that I have found thrifting recently:
I had to buy that coral pencil skirt because coral is so IN right now... so this is me attempting to be IN ;). Also florals, polka dots, and A-line dresses never go out of style I had to snag them right up when I saw them! I think the polka dot dress will be my Easter dress, and bonus it comes with a matching bolero that I can wear with other outfits!! So all in all I am able to stay,...well what I consider to be in style for super cheap! My total for all these beauties is $15.00!! You can barely get a shirt alone for $15.00 nowadays...(I feel really old after saying that..Blick...Just ignore that last sentence ;)).

2. Try On, Try On, And Then Try On Some More:
I have learned to try on everything that I may potentially like, while thrifting. You will never know when you find a gem or a hidden hole ;)!

3. Just Because It's Cheap Doesn't Mean You Should Buy It:
Make sure that you really think through your purchases. Are you going to wear it just once and throw it out? Or will it be a staple in your wardrobe? See when I first started thrifting I went hog wild because everything is so cheap. To this day I either haven't worn, or used those items I first bought and that's $ down the drain :(...Learn from my mistakes friends.

4. Take It When You See It:
If you see something that you like or something that will haunt you for days if you don't buy it, BUY IT!! More times than not it won't be there when you go back...and that is just sooo super sad when that happens. I've learned that lesson a number of times.

5. Make Sure Time Is On Your Side:
Make sure you have plenty of time to go through rack after rack and bin after bin. Thrifting is like digging for treasure it takes time but when you find gold it is, Oh so rewarding! Also I like to go a couple of times a week, since they are constantly replenishing their merchandise with new items, so there is always stuff to go through. Plus do you want someone else getting awesome stuff over you? Didn't think so ;).

There is a little bit of a learning curve to thrifting, hopefully some of these tips can be of help to you. Just beware it can become super addicting! I am beyond addicted...I think I need thrifters anonymous ;). Let me know if you have anymore questions friends! I am always happy to help. Love, lovezz.

ps: Entered yet? Times a tickin'.

Happy Birthday To Us!

April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME....I mean us ;). Thanks to all those who participated in: Project Birthday Month Love! Hope you all have/had the best bday ever! April birthdays are THE best!!
{L to R: Daphne, Caitlin, Kelly}
{L to R: Erin, Ginger, Mackenzie}
{L to R: ME!! (Of course I put myself..I have no shame ;)), Olivia, Carrian}
{L to R: Ranae, Amy, Selina}
{L to R: Holly, Megan, Aryn}
{L to R: Kate, Monique, Susan}

Whelp friends, I'm off to go celebrate the best day of the year ;). Hubby is taking me out to breakfast (my fave), to do a little shopping, and we're going to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid 2 (my 10 year old brother highly recommended it, so natch we have to go see it ;)). Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for all the love. Ya'll are just amazing to say the least :). Love, love friends.

ps: Hurry and enter already ;)

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