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January 13, 2012

I decided to take the photo a day challenge that is floating around there out in the blogosphere at the beginning of the month, and it has been a lot of fun! I have been posting my pictures on Instagram. You know the weird thing is about instagram is that I didn't want to look at it too much, or post as many pictures because I knew that I would become instantly addicted (I mean that is the same thing that happened with pinterest). I just know myself all to well, because I'm a full blown addict...Like it's staying up till 2 AM browsing pictures bad. In spirit of my new found addiction I thought I would share some pictures I have taken for the photo a day challenge:

Do you guys instagram? Give me a shout I would love to find some more people to follow! You can find me at @morgan_virginia . Hope you guys have a lovely three day weekend! I plan on doing absolutely nothing, this first week of school has did me in. Loves.


  1. I am @imhayley I will add you! I am doing the challenge too!

  2. fab photos. i wish i have iphone!

    childhood one is adorablee

    xo katrina

  3. @sherri9 I'm new on Instagram and am also doing the january photos!

  4. I'm with you on the addiction to these social things that just pull you in. I used Camera+ for a while and kept hearing things about Instagram so I finally downloaded it and now always want to take pictures on it

    LuLu from A Candid Life

  5. Oh, instagram is my new addiction too! Now Ill start doing the January pics :)

  6. I did this challenge too! It was so fun:)
    You can check out mine if you wish!

    <3 Leney

  7. I've been doing this since Day One, it's been a fun thing to add to to my days!

  8. Instagram has provided people with a really cool platform which allows them to share a bit of themselves with the world while having fun. Just lovely.

  9. I really like your writing. Thanks so much, finally a decent website with good information in it. gram follow


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