Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 2 Graduation

April 15, 2014

Like I mentioned in my last post, I graduated...finally is what it felt like. You are looking at a Interior Design graduate here! Going back to school to further my education was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I grew and was able to learn so much. From how to create construction documents to color theory I know it all, well the essentials anyways, I ain't no architect! 

This is a board that I created for a client while in school. I had to recreate this board during my last semester, I won't even bother you with my first semester boards...yikes!! It is fun however, to look at how my style, and taste have evolved throughout the semesters. I am proud of the design view I have now, I created it and it's all my own. Having your own sense of style is so empowering, it frees your mind to create endless solutions.

This is my end of school project, from the department's portfolio event. That little 50 page book on that table is one of my biggest accomplishments. You guys I made and wrote a book!! It was so dang hard but I did it! I taught myself how to use Illustrator...the bare bare minimum might I add and even did the graphic design myself, with the help of my dear husband of course. I will be creating some E-boards of these designs so you can see what's going on a little better in the future.

I got this fortune from one of the lunch dates I had with my friends from the program, toward our last weeks of school. Seemed very fitting to end this post with how grateful I am to have had such amazing friends. I had a blast!! They all are so talented and I was able to learn so much from them. Remembering the AutoCAD shortcuts will fade, but I will always cherish all of the fun and laughter that we shared together. 

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