Getting To Know You Again...Pt. 3 Our Place

April 16, 2014

I think I mentioned on here...way back when that we were in the market to buy a house. Can I just say that house hunting is the worst? After seeing house, after house we decided to build our own lil abode. Having your own home was like a dream come true to me. Not having to share walls is heavenly people, I highly recommend it. I remember our first night in our new place I couldn't stop telling Nate how amazed I was at how quiet it was. I love this lil house of ours.

To be able to keep the costs low, we decided to do some of the work ourselves. One was painting our kitchen cabinets white. At the time we were like heck no I am not shelling out $1500 for painted cabinets, thats highway robbery (which you will find most of the upgrades are when building your own home...stinking builders/crooks). Can I just say that I will in no way be recommending you do this, HIRE A PAINTER!! I think we had to do something like 6-7 coats. It was pure hell, but at the same time it didn't cost us anywhere near $1500, take that builders!

As far as the design goes, I still have a long ways to go. Our main level is coming along nicely...however the 2nd level I haven't even started! The style of our house is a hodgepodge of many different types of design. To sum it up I would say it is modern eclectic, dipped in a rainbow with odd tchotchkes sprinkled on top. 
What my main focus for our home, well and any project I work on is that when you walk in to that space I want you to immediately know who the people are that live there. What I hope our space conveys is how we love to have fun, don't take life too seriously, and most of all I hope it conveys the love that we have for one another and our family. Because I sure do love that sweet little husband of mine (extra cheese please)!

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