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May 5, 2014

1/ I am loving this bedroom. Let me rephrase, I am loving the macrame headboard in this bedroom. Macrame seems so hot right now! I would love to do this in our room but at the rate I am going with designing our house I should be ready to tackle our room in about 5 years ;). I am horrible at making decisions for my own home!
2/ Bought these curtains for bebe boy's nursery. Hoping they show up more green than tan (fingers crossed).
3/ If you follow me on instagram you will have noticed that my bust collection has now expanded to include a George Washington. The bust collection currently consists of: an Elvis, a grecian planter head (ironically named Busty), a Batman cookie jar, one left hand, 5 composers, 1 set of praying hands, and a Batman miniature (but I need more)!
4/ Loving this DIY on how to make your own acrylic curtain rods. I am definitely going to do this in the somewhere.
5/ Debating my need for another pair of Birkenstocks. I have a pair of Arizonas, but these Gizehs are calling my name.

6/ Love easy DIY's like this. So modern and simple. What more could you ask for?
7/ Being pregnant I think that I am going to be living in dresses and skirts this summer (hello air flow)! Loving this, this, and this.
8/ These sconces are uh-mazing. They would look killer anywhere really, but I would love to see them flanking the sides of a bed (oh so dreamy). Oh and I haven't even gotten to the best part...They are $59 each...Run people...Run.
9/ I think that I have reached the almighty decision on what stroller to get. This one is my fave, and not too pricey #bonus ;).
10/ Been using all of these fonts found from this blog post. Love me a good fun and funky font!

More importantly, what are you lovin' lately?

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