Modern Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

May 28, 2014

Today is a big day. I finally finished our little guy's baby afghan! To say that this was a labor of love would be an understatement (hello early onset arthritis ;) ). When I found out that I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to crochet our little one a blanket but I wanted to make sure it was done in a modern way. Stripes seemed liked a safe way to go. They are simple but add such an impact. When I found out we were expecting a boy I spent hours (ok that might be a slight exaggeration but it was definitely almost an hour) at JoAnn's trying to come up with the perfect color scheme. I wanted it to be an ombre, but not too literal of an ombre (gradation of color from light to dark). This is what I came up with:

Here is the color palette that I used:
(I found everything at JoAnn's)

What's that you say? You want to make your own? You got it! Here is how I did mine:

First off I wanted my blanket's end size to be 32"x35" so a little bit more of a rectangle than perfect square. The reason that I picked 7 different colors is because 35 is divisible by 7 therefor making each stripe 5" wide. This blanket can also easily be made into a girl blanket. Just swap the blues for pinks and corals.

Let me preface before getting into the steps. I am somewhat of a tight crocheter (again with the early onset arthritis), so please feel free to adjust any of the steps to your crochet style. For beginners here are some videos to help you get started, and how to make the stitches I am talking about: How to chainHow to make a half double crochet stitch, How to crochet in just the back loops only, How to make a slip stitch.
1. Create a chain the is 32" in length. I chained 155 stitches to create 32".
2. In the second loop from your hook start with your first HDC (half double crochet) IN THE BACK LOOPS ONLY this will create more of a knitting type of stitch and finish down the row.
3. Once you have finished your last HDC chain 2 and flip your piece around and create your first HDC in the back loops only on your next row in the second stitch away from your hook. Head back the opposite way. HDC in the back loops only.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have completed a total of 26 rows. 26 seemed to end up being just around 5 inches for me. Feel free to adjust how many rows you need to do to create 5 inches in width of that color. 
5. Once you have reached 5" in width for your first color you need to cast off the yarn from your hook. Simply do this by snipping off 3-4" tail and pulling that tail all the way through your stitch creating a knot.
6. Cast on your new color. You can do this by creating a slip knot on your hook as if you were going to create another chain like in step on. Create a slip stitch where you left off. Chain 2 and flip your piece over to head down the opposite way you left off HDC in the back loops only.
7. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have another 5" width of that color, and then repeat step 6.
8. Repeat step 7 until you have finished all of your stripes.
9. Tie in all of  your ends by weaving the tails in and out of your created HDC's. 
10. Snuggle that new little baby in the amazing blanket you have just made.
11. Repeat step 10 as often as possible ;).

There you have it guys. It is such an easy pattern. Just a little time consuming, but what crochet projects aren't. If you are looking to finish this a little faster consider doing a DC (double crochet) or TC (triple crochet) instead of a HDC (half double crochet). Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this pattern. Always happy to help! Happy crocheting ;).


  1. Love this! I'm a tight crocheter too! What size hook did you use for this?

  2. This is exactly the type of pattern I've been looking for to make a blanket for my nephew, thanks! Can you tell me how many total skeins of yarn you used?

  3. Beautiful blanket! Did you use one skein of each color, or did you end up needing more than that? Thanks so much for the great pattern!

  4. How much yarn did you use? Thanks for sharing.


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