Recreated//Feminine Living Room

May 27, 2014

Today's recreated is a little more on the feminine side. Which for me as a designer is a little challenging and I am always up for a challenge!


For me I think that this space creates a wonderful balance between masculine and feminine. When you are designing a room you always want to keep a sense of balance in your room, it is more intriguing to your eye. The feminine aspects of this room are: the quatrefoil wallpaper (curved lines offer a sense of femininity since they reflect the female shape), the painted white chair, and pastel colors in the chair and pillows. By offsetting those elements with more masculine items such as: the oriental rug (the colors are more vibrant, typically masculine colors could be considered as royal colors ie: navy, red, dark green, etc), the black and white abstract art (while the art features curved lines and circles which could be considered feminine but since they are done in an abstract way with the harsh strokes in colors that offer such a high contrast it makes the piece appear more masculine), and the wood used on the furniture and the flooring offer a masculine aspect (I mean have you ever met a man who didn't love wood... they are obsessed it's like part of their DNA)!
How you could achieve this concept of feminine and masculine living harmoniously in your home is by 1. consider layering your elements (ie. place pillows from the royal color palette we talked about on a pastel sofa or chair), 2. mix wood pieces with painted pieces, and 3. take a step back throughout your process for every feminine piece try and place a masculine piece somewhere, or perhaps use a 2:1 ratio. Creating balance is something hard to achieve but it can be done! Try something that is a little outside your comfort zone when layering pieces in your home and use a discerning eye. Just take your time. No need to rush and if your don't want to go that route just copy this Recreated living room I made for you ;). Easy peasy!  

Source List: 
1. Mid Century Daybed// etsy
2. Clear Glass Table Lamps (set of 2)// Overstock
3. Cream Square Linen Lamp Shade x2// Destination Lighting
4. Imperial Trellis Wallpaper// Layla Grace (less expensive option)
5. Mongolian Lamb Pillow// West Elm
6. Crew Circlet Pillow// West Elm
7. Vintage Batik Pillow// etsy
8. Sequin Cutwork Pillow// West Elm 
9. Safavieh Annabelle Club Chair// Target
10. Merete Curtains// Ikea
11. Set of Four Abstract Paintings// Lamps Plus
12. 8x10 Tan Jute Rug// Overstock
13. Heret Oriental Rug// Overstock
14. Pair of Cobalt Vases// etsy
15. Lack Coffee Table// Ikea
16. Leopard Footstool// ATG Stores
17. Stack of Books
18. Hot Pink Peonies for Vases
19. Carla Peters Sand Glazed Vase// West Elm

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