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June 18, 2014

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Utah is not the vintage mecca of the nation but every now and again there are some decent finds. You may need to use you imagination a little (which is always the best part for me). For today's post I have wrangled up some treasures for you and some tips on how I would reimagine them.

Source List:
~I know this might not be everyone's cup of tea but this would look amazing in an entryway. Throw a large piece of art or a mirror with lamps flanking each side and some pretty trinkets in the center and you have yourself a magazine worthy entry!
~This is either a bohemian dream or a damp bathroom smelling mess. I am going to lean on the positive side and say it's a bohemian dream for good measure ;). I would try and get this for $30 but since we have already decided its a dreamboat I would pay $40 for it. I would use it in a little corner anywhere in your home and house your fun trinkets and treasures.
~I would try and get this for an even $100 but I would pay the full amount for this. You can however tell that there has been some wear and tear on the piece. I would consider refinishing it in a nice wheat color which would be similar to the color shown. This would be perfect in a hallway with a large piece of art hanging above it and a lamp, or in a kid's room.
~I love this chair. I think the delicate arms are just so pretty. I know that the ad says it was just reupholstered but I would change it. That is just my opinion though! How about a black and white stripe? This chair would be easy enough to upholster yourself as well and would look perfect in an office/den.
~These seem a little steep for me at $50 each, I'd try to get them for $35. These would look great hanging over a kitchen island or in a little boys room above nightstands.
~I love the shape of these chairs and how they incorporate tufting and the cane sides. I would recommend having these upholstered. I am guessing that the labor for each chair would run you around $150 + fabric for each chair. Now that is a little pricey but I don't see this tip of chair going out of style anytime soon. 
~I love this light but it needs some help. I would spray it a fun color in a high gloss. Maybe in a pastel color like light blue? Pastels are making a comeback people. I would hang it in an entryway with a high ceiling.
~These mirrors have the prettiest shape. I would spray the frames either gold/brass, white, or shiney red and hang them above a double sink console in a master bath. How fun would that be? Way better than your generic full counter length mirrors right?
~Ok these might not be for you but they are so totally for me. I am bust obsessed and would love to add these to my collection. I love the brass detail around the base. I would try and get them for $10 total though. 
-$50 isn't that bad for each I would of course start at $35 and settle at $40 if they were willing. The nice thing about these chairs is that you could probably recover them yourself and save you some dough on upholstery costs. You could either upholster them in a light beige linen or a fun colored velvet, I am guessing you would need 1-1.5 yd(s) of fabric per chair.
~This light is new and has never been installed. What I like about it is that it is a three light light fixture so it would be perfect for a living room where you may need some good overhead lighting at times.
~These are overpriced I would try for around $70 ish for the pair. I just love the color and the cylindrical shade. They would look great as is on nightstands in a master bedroom.
~Now this is another one that could either be great or horrible, but is worth a look. I mean look at that plycraft back! The ottoman and the chair don't match so you could either just have the ottoman reupholstered in a black leather or vinyl or reupholster the whole thing! What about a teal linen? 
~This light is brand new in the box. It is going for $69 online so I would for sure try and talk them down to $50 plus that saves you shipping costs! I would think about getting another one and having them flank your bed. 

See what a little imagination can do? Well and of course a little money ;). 

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