Lately Loves

June 19, 2014

1// Loving this hair! I would consider it but I'm thinking that it would be a lot of up keep though and if anything from my days as a platinum blonde taught me is that I am can't do a high maintenance "do!" So I will just admire from afar ;).
2// I have been living in these sandals and you can't beat $12.80!!
3// I will definitely be making one or one hundred of these DIY kimonos. I'm telling ya kimonos are a girl's best friend!
4// If you follow me on instagram then you'll know we got a few new our kitchen that is ;). After having our hardware for 6 months stashed in the pantry we thought it would be a good idea to install them. Wow what a difference it has made! It feels like we have a whole new kitchen. We went with these for the doors and these for the drawers.
5// Thinking about this lamp for the nursery.

6// Are you as obsessed with weaving as I am? From this DIY it seems pretty easy. Anyone want to carpool to the craft store for supplies?
7// This top looks so comfy. I'd pair it with some cutoffs, birks, and maybe a headscarf for a great summertime look.
8// Made this spaghetti squash dish for dinner last night. Holy yum and bonus low carb...just look past all the butter and cheese and you have yourself a healthy dinner!  
9// This rattan hanging chair is swoon-worthy. 
10// Downloaded this cactus cell phone wallpaper for my phone, it's so fun!

What are you loving these days?

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