Out of the Box Art

June 26, 2014

It's no secret that I love art but I adore weird/cooky/out of the box art! I think my obsession comes from my desire to be individualistic. It is my life's mission to have a home that no one else has that is filled with special pieces that make us smile. Artwork can be a great way to add personality to your space. Now these might be a little on the extreme side for some of you but bear with me! Just think about the essence of what these pieces of art have to offer and how you can translate that to your space to help personalize it more. I mean come on, would I ever lead you astray?? Here are some of my current out of the box faves:

Source List:
1. Super Future Kid// Saatchi Art
2. So Much by Clare Elsaesser// etsy
3. Grace// Jonni Cheatwood
4. Moonrise by Beth Hoeckel// etsy
5. Spectrum by Richard Phillips// Art.com
6. Rising// Red Fish Art
7. The Separation by Kai Samuels Davis// etsy 
8. Flash Cats V// Larissa Haily Aguado
9. Sampler// Laura McKellar
10. Secret Gardens// Michelle Armas
11. Colorful Abstract Painting by Becca Garrison Studio// etsy
12. Lifesavers 2// Deposit Photos
13. Victorian #2 by Tim Jarosz// Fab.
14. Abstract Painting// ZBC House Designs

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