Recreated// B&W Living Room

June 16, 2014

Today's Recreated is inspired by my Grandma. Her favorite colors were black and white. Which is fitting because she was a very classy lady. Normally like I have said in the past I tend to gravitate towards more colorful rooms, but this one totally caught my eye. I just love the high contrast (means the range between dark to light values is very wide, for example: a black and white photograph) that is going on between all the elements.


Now why this space works for me is that the home owner kept the design simple. They decided to let the contrast of the black vs. the white be your main focus in the room. If they were to add a lot of artwork and decided to chose a black sofa instead of a grey it wouldn't have the same affect. The space would feel too chaotic since there would be too many object vying for your eyes attention. 

I tried to keep the design pretty similar to the picture all while trying to add my own spin to it. All of the pieces listed are readily available and decently priced! Win-win! Here is what I came up with:

Source List:

Again remember if you are trying to achieve an overall black and white look in your space just KISS (keep it simple stupid) ;). Or just KIES (keep it easy stupid) and use this board I made for you for your space. Done and done ;).

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  1. haha KISS :) lovely room, well done!



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