June 30, 2014

Today's RECREATED is inspired by this nursery:


I love a good non-traditional nursery. It seems like as far as design goes with nurseries that we are tending to move away from you obvious nursery design schemes (ie: safari, pink/brown or blue/brown, all pink or all blue, noah's arc, etc) and going in more of a creative and even at times gender neutral direction. I would have never guessed that this nursery was for a boy! The space doesn't scream girl to me either which is interesting to me. Even though the space was designed around an animal theme it was kicked up a huge notch by adding graphic elements, (the zebra rug, bold graphic artwork, and color), and furniture with clean lines to bring together a more modern space. 

This RECREATED was fun and also challenging to put together. I tried to stick to the original as best as I could while still trying to put my own spin on it. All of these pieces are readily available and decently priced! Here is what I came up with:

Source List:
19. Paint for Chair Base// Rustoleum Deep Blue
21. Black Laquer Paint for Dresser

Some tips for creating a creative new age nursery for your little one are: be bold with your selections by bringing in graphic prints and artwork, be daring don't settle for your run of the mill safari nursery try reimagining the safari theme as a modern contemporary zoo ;), and have fun this is your bundle of joy's first room get crazy and creative. Or just follow this RECREATED to a T and you're done! Easy peasy ;).

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  1. I absolutely love everything about this, particularly the splashes of black and yellow!


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