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June 3, 2014

Emily Henderson can do no wrong in my eyes. Her ability to mix vintage and contemporary just amazes me. So naturally I had to try my best and recreate one of her fabulous rooms (doubt it will be the last too ;) ). I chose to try and conquer the living room Emily designed for Bri from DESIGNLOVEFEST:


I feel like this room encompasses the style of interior design that I love. All the color, vintage pieces mixed with contemporary pieces is just sworn worthy. Why this space works in my eyes is that Emily created a wonderful balance of color and making vintage pieces seem current by adding additional modern pieces from today in the space. 

Lets start with color (my favorite place to start)! there is a lot of color going here but it works and I will tell you why. All of the walls in the room are painted white, as well as the curtains are white, and the the rug is for the most part white. Since the walls, curtains, and rugs take up a lot of visual space in the room in turn this offers a blank canvas. With this blank canvas you are able to add a lot of color, but don't get too crazy. I would recommend sticking with a color palette. For instance in this room there is a color palette of the aqua, yellow, small hits of hot pink mixed with neutrals of black, white, and warm browns. Something to keep in mind when picking a color palette for your room is to make sure that the colors aren't the same intensity. This offers balance and is pleasing to the eye. If your color palette for instance were all vibrant like the hot pink throughout this room it doesn't give your eye any rest whereas the comparison between the light aqua, hot pink, and buttery yellow does. 

Aaah....The vintage pieces in this room are beautiful. I am constantly jealous of all the amazing treasures that people find in SoCal. Utah for a lack of better words is not the vintage/mid century modern mecca of the country #sadface. The key to creating a well curated vintage space is to mix in some contemporary pieces like Emily did. The vintage pieces in the room are: the sofa, consoles, plycraft chair, the aztec print chair, and coffee table. The contemporary pieces are in the room are: the end tables, the pillows, the tripod floor lamp, the plant bench, the rocker, and the footstool. By combining the vintage pieces and the contemporary it balances out the vintage vibe in the room. If you were to add all vintage to your room it could have a strong chance of looking like your Grandma's house (not an entirely horrible thing, but not very current either). 

I wanted to take the same approach to this room but I tried to find pieces that were less expensive and readily available. If you live in a state like Utah where vintage finds aren't as available and you don't want to wait forever to score craigslist endlessly then this RECREATED is for you my friends. Check it:

Source List:
1. Fillmore Sofa in Turqouise// Thrive Home Furnishings
2. Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rung// Rugs USA
3. Stella Floor Lamp// Urban Outfitters
4. Eivor Blanket// Ikea
5.Stockholm Pillow x2// Ikea
6. Kiley End Table// Wafair
7. Assembly Home Entertainment Console// Urban Outfitters
8. Akervallmo Pillow// Ikea
9. Solid Silk Hand Loomed Pillow// West Elm
10. Mid Century Modern Plycraft Swivel Chair// ebay
11. Fabric to reupholster #10// Decorative Fabrics Direct
12. Mongolian Lamb Pillow// West Elm
13. Trosso Plant Pot// Ikea
14. Nate Berkus Hyacinth Basket// Target
15. Papaja Plant Pot// Ikea
16. Potted Plant// Ikea
17. Fiddle Leaf Fig// Ikea
18. Maat Media Bench// All Modern
19. Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp// West Elm
20. Poang Rocking Chair// Ikea
21. Poang Footstool// Ikea
22. Dumont Media Console// West Elm
23. Dagmar Chair// Urban Outfitters
24. Fabric for #23//
25. Reeve Mid Century Modern Coffee Table// West Elm
26. Moroccan Leather Pouf// ebay
27. Hexagon Watercolor// etsy
28. Martini Side Table// West Elm
29. Mid Century Modern Footstool// etsy
30. Fabric for #26//
31. Merete Curtains// Ikea

Moral of the story friends for RECREATING a room like this is: be weary of your color palette by keeping the major components of your room neutral when adding a lot of color, and when creating a well curated vintage space remember to mix in some contemporary pieces. Good luck!

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