July 16, 2014

An easy way to incorporate color into your space is to keep your base neutral, like black and white base for instance. Having a solid base is a great take off point. It is easy to layer colors to create a well rounded space. Today's RECREATED does just that:

This space creates balance by letting the B&W base speak for itself by not layering too many colors on top of it. The subtle hits of aqua and gold lighten the space without it being too overpowering (also don't get me started on that light fixture...uhmazing)! If you were to leave the space entirely black and white it would still work but by adding the color I think adds another layer of design interest and personality to the space.
For this RECREATED I wanted to keep the design as close to the original as possible while still adding my own personal flair. All of these pieces are readily available and I tried to keep the pricing within reason (hashtag who isn't on a budget ;) ). Here is what I came up with:

Source List:

Some tips for creating a neutral space with accents would be to: 
1. Keep accent colors from 1-2 
2. Use accent color sparingly
3. If using 2 accent colors pick one cool and one warm (for instance in this RECREATED the space incorporates aqua and gold)
4. Have fun ;)
5. Skip all the heartache and just use this board I made for you.
5 1/2. Aaaand you're done ;)

Hope that this helps with those design dilemmas that you may have been having. If you have any questions or comments let me know. I'm always just an email away ;).

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