July 23, 2014

Just because it might be one of the smallest rooms in your house doesn't mean it should be neglected. The powder room is a great place to really add a 1-2 punch to your home's decor. Chances are that most of your guests will be using the powder room primarily, so lets make it special for them! Today's RECREATED does just that. It might be small but it's mighty guys:


I love how graphic it is, from the black subway tile to the simple vintage print. By keeping the walls and fixtures white it allows for the wood to pop as well as the tile wall behind the toilet and all that natural light is gorgeous. That isn't something you see in a powder room right?

While I was recreating this room I tried to keep it as close to the original as I could while still adding my own flair. All of the items that are listed are readily available and decently priced. Most of the items could be picked up at your local home improvement store this weekend! Here is what I came up with:

Source List:
5. Flooring Pattern
9. Stack of red books

So guys there  you have it. Don't skimp in your powder room give it the punch it deserves whether that be through black subway wall tile or a printed wallpaper, have fun! The powder room has a little light too and it just wants to let it shine....let it shine....let it shiiiiiine (sorry couldn't help myself ;) )!


  1. W.O.W. I am so impressed! Wonderful, magazine-worthy job, girlfriend! And I just adore that mirror.


  2. Wow!! Simply beautiful. White is always royal!!


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