July 29, 2014

If you think about it interior design is made up of little moments, or vignettes. All of these little vignettes join together to make a whole scheme. Lately I have been really into focusing on these vignettes. I find they can be really creative in their simplicity. Today's RECREATED does just that and is a real beauty:


Now isn't that a show stopper? If you break it down the design is rather simple. You have a credenza, a large scale piece of art, lamp, some books, and some vases. The interest comes in how all of the pieces come together to create a "design moment." They all play off of each other. The credenza with its warm rich wood tones offers contrast to the large scale painting because most of the coloring in the painting is blues (which are cool colors/tones). The brass lamp coordinates with the gold found in the painting offering more visual support to the painting creating an overall balanced look.

I wanted to keep today's RECREATED as close to the original as possible while still adding my own personal flair. All of the pieces sourced are readily available and decently priced. Here is what I came up with:

Source List: 
3. Stack of books

Moral of the story guys is that even your vignettes are important in your house. Make sure they are balanced in color tones, and scale. But most of all make sure that they contain things that you love! It really all goes back to those details. Details make the design (you can quote me on that ;) )! 

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  1. Hey Morgan - I love your 'recreations'! Your taste is impeccable and super inspiring. Just wanted to tell you how lovely your blog is - I'll be coming back - again and again and again. xo

    Heather Wyancko


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