July 10, 2014

I love colorful rooms but being able to exercise restraint in design is beautiful to me. Maybe that's because it is so out of the norm for my creative thinking. A big trend in interior design right now is pure white walls and trim. Keeping the walls a literal blank space opens up a lot of options design wise. You do have to choose your pieces carefully since their impact will be greater with the white walls.

I feel today's RECREATED does this so well:


With the walls being white the wood tones stand out more as well as the pops of color from the flowers. You know when it's done right simple really is the best way to go (that should probably be my new mantra instead of the current: more, More, MORE ;) ). 

Here is how I RECREATED this room. I tried my best to stick to the original design while still adding my own personal flair. All of the pieces that I chose are readily available and I tried my best to keep them decently priced. Check it out!

Source List:
7. Yellow Flowers
11. Poppies

Again some tips for creating a space with white walls is to choose your pieces wisely since they will stand out more to your eye. That also means that you should pick pieces you love since you will notice them more. A simple look can be achieved guys just use my new mantra: more, More, MORE ....Whoops! I mean less is/can be more (baby steps right)?

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